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Reviews for Illuminating Tint

By Living Nature

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By Sarah on November 23, 2012

A great product, I highly recommend it. 5

I love this product and have purchased it repeatedly. I have normal to slightly dry skin and I don’t have the shine problem with it that other reviewers have. It gives me the light coverage that I want with a subtle shimmer. If you’re looking for a full coverage foundation this likely isn’t for you. But if you just want to even out your skin tone while still looking very natural, with a youthful glow, I think it does the job wonderfully. If there’s only one make-up product that I would leave the house wearing, this is it.

By Lindsey on September 23, 2012

A bronzed dewy look. 4

I really like this product and I have purchased it twice. It is definitely shimmery. If you don’t like that shine on your face, this may not be for you. I like the dewy look, but I also have oily skin so I tone it down with a translucent powder. I also have some acne spots and an occasional break-out and I need a concealer because this doesn’t cover those marks. I have fare skin with a neutral undertone and the dawn glow was just dark enough that I didn’t need to apply a bronzer afterwards. It also evened out that redness that us fair girls always have.

By Mai on September 6, 2012

More like a highlighter 1

The name of this product is misleading. It gives no coverage and the only thing it does is give you shine and I don’t need my whole entire face highlighted.

By Cassidy on August 23, 2012

Makes a great highlighter 4

This stuff is very shimmery! I don’t like having a shiny face, so I just use it as a highlighter rather than a foundation. It works great in that capacity!

By Heather on June 27, 2012

Nice product but won't re-purchase 3

This product is very nice. I definitely like the way it glides onto my skin and doesn’t irritate my skin in any way. Having had oily skin and a ‘shiny’ face my whole life, I was a little unhappy with how “illuminating” it was. As another reviewer said, it is quite shimmery and I didn’t like that it highlighted those lines in my forehead with its shimmer. I had to tone down that shimmer with powder, a lot. If you have oily skin and do not like how shiny that makes your face, I would not recommend buying this product.

I will continue to use it until its gone but I will most likely not re-purchase it as I think there are other foundations out there that will better serve my purposes.

By Carrie on May 21, 2012

Wow, wow, wow! 5

I have fair to medium skin with yellow undertones. I bought the day glow and it’s perfect! I thought the dawn glow would be too light. This illuminating tint makes my skin look so beautiful. It leaves a lovely glow, smells like the tinted moisturizer – a soft rosey lavender scent. I first apply my moisturizer, then this, then a light dusting of translucent silk powder by Dr. Hauschka to cover some of the shine. Its like I’m putting on a second skin. It’s translucent, so your skin still comes through but it brightens and evens out skin tone and redness. It’s not thick to cover blemishes, so buy the concealer for that. This has a light texture, but better coverage than the tinted moisturizer. I’ll be buying this from now on!

By Jessica on February 21, 2012

love 5

I love this product and am so bummed that my color is out of stock! When will they restock?? It has been awhile!

By Alicia on February 13, 2012

Lovely, but a little on the shimmery side 4

I will start off by saying that I DO like this product, so take the next few sentences as tough love. I should have been warned that a product called ‘illuminating tint’ will be shimmery (or maybe I should have read the description more thoroughly), but this is almost in the ‘highlighter/illuminator’ category. When I use it, I do apply it all over my face, but sometimes I think it would be better just on the cheeks. It’s very shimmery. It does provide a glow, but I also put powder on top to take it down a notch. I probably wouldn’t buy it again, but this is most likely because I usually like to try new products, and as I get older I prefer to tailor what parts of my face have shimmer. I would recommend it, but want a potential buyer to be aware of what she’s getting!

By Natalie on January 26, 2012

Pretty good 4

I gave it four stars instead of 5 only because even the lightest shade (dawn glow) is a little to dark for my skin. But, it’s nothing major, not too dark that it makes my skin tone look off- it still looks good! It has a really nice iridescence to it. I like it!

By Ac on December 8, 2011

Lovely tinted moisturizer 5

I decided to try this product because I was in the market for a new tinted moisturizer and I wanted one that was non-toxic. I ordered the evening glow which works very nicely for my yellow/gold undertone. It is very sheer, which I like, and I love the slight shimmer. It’s pricey, but it’s worth it!