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About Living Nature

Rare Plants For Exceptional Products

Manufactured in New Zealand, Living Nature harnesses the pure, potent power of local indigenous plant life. An isolated location, 80% of the plants grown in New Zealand are found nowhere else in the world.

Living Nature's philosophy is reconnecting people and their bodies with the environment by utilizing plant's natural bioactive molecules to treat and protect the skin. With skin care, hair care, body care, cosmetics and a range for men, Living Nature is one of the most extensive natural brands available.

Organic credentials

  • BDIH "certified natural cosmetic" and free of pesticides, chemicals, mineral oils, genetically modified ingredients, parabens and synthetic ingredients.
  • No animal testing. Beeswax and honey are the only ingredients derived from animals.
  • 100% natural preservative system placed in unique packaging that protects the products from contamination.
  • Recyclable packaging that's dioxin and chlorine-free.

What makes this brand special?

Living Nature's top scientists use groundbreaking research to develop effective products with pure plant compounds. Since plants protect themselves against stresses such as pollution and drought, Living Nature captures these bioactive molecules to protect your skin from its own stresses. These active ingredients nurture, heal and renew the skin.

Made with nature and proven by science.

Living Nature's nighttime collection also uses the natural properties of plants to fight damage caused by stress, free radicals and environmental factors. Independent clinical tests by a world-renown laboratory have proven the effectiveness of these products at rejuvenating the skin to boost cell renewal and reveal a younger-looking complexion.

Other interesting facts

  • Living Nature harnesses the unique medicinal qualities of New Zealand plant life.
  • Harakeke gel (New Zealand flax) has skin soothing and hydrating properties and is a pure and natural alternative to petrochemically derived synthetic gels.
  • Manuka Honey is a key ingredient found in almost every Living Nature product. Used for centuries, it's one of the most biologically active and beneficial honeys.
  • Instead of chemicals Living Nature uses Kumerahou flowers as a lathering agent. It also has antimicrobial saponins that act as natural defenders to protect skin and hair.

Standout Products

Black Friday Sale
Eye Pencil $17.00 $13.60 20% off on select options 4.5 From naturally soft to daring and smoky, create instant eye definition with this gentle medium-coverage eyeliner.
Black Friday Sale
Skin Essentials - Nourishing $79.00 $63.20 20% off 3.75 From cleansing to treating, everything you need to nurture dry skin and replenish moisture is included in this 3-step skincare ritual packed with soothing Harakeke (New Zealand flax) and nurturing Manuka Honey.
Black Friday Sale
Skin Essentials - Energising $67.15 $53.72 20% off 4 From cleansing to treating, everything you need to revitalize and hydrate normal and combination skin is included in this 3-step skincare ritual made with soothing Harakeke (New Zealand flax) and nurturing Manuka Honey.