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Living Nature - Natural Skin Care From New Zealand

Living Nature Nighttime Skin Care

Think younger-looking skin, without plastic surgery or synthetics, is only a dream? Scientifically proven to be effective, Living Nature’s nighttime collection will have you waking up to a refreshed, revitalized and renewed complexion.

Naturally Nourish At Night

You already know that a good night’s sleep is critical for your health and well-being. Your body needs adequate rest to help recharge and rebalance your entire system, including your skin. Every night after you fall asleep, it’s your body’s job to fend off cell damage caused by stress, free radicals and environmental factors that commonly lead to dull, lackluster skin along with those dreaded lines and wrinkles.

The organic skincare experts at Living Nature have found a way to aid your skin’s natural defense system with a collection of nighttime products that have been proven to help repair cell damage.

Proven Effective for Radiant Results

When Living Nature created the nighttime collection, they knew they had developed five amazing, result-producing products. But they took it one step further by striving for an official international verification of their unique, anti-aging power. To prove that youthful-looking skin can be recaptured through nature and not just chemicals, Italy’s ABICH Laboratories, an independent, internationally renowned and well-respected biological analysis company, conducted a series of comprehensive tests.

The ABICH conclusively proved what the innovators at Living Nature knew all along: the products really do work. Using a combination of bioactive ingredients captured directly from the unique New Zealand plant life, the nighttime products speed up the body’s natural renewing process and promote cellular repair. The gentle formulations help fight off everything from UV damage to loss of moisture, so you wake up to fresher, more vibrant, younger-looking skin.

Results of human skin cell testing of Balancing Night Gel

Results of human skin cell testing of Balancing Night Gel

The ABICH Laboratories are renowned for their progressive methodologies, and they have developed a wide range of alternative in-vitro tests that replace the use of animals for large consumer product testing. These assays employ cell cultures and reconstituted human epidermis to mimic the human skin’s behavior and responses. This allows true investigation of the toxicological profile and the biological activity of products aimed at human use.

Standout Products

Eye Pencil $20.00 $17.00 15% off 4.5 From naturally soft to daring and smoky, create instant eye definition with this gentle medium-coverage eyeliner.
Skin Essentials - Balancing $79.00 $67.15 15% off 4 From cleansing to treating, everything you need to clarify oily skin and restore moisture balance is included in this 3-step skincare ritual blended with soothing Harakeke (New Zealand flax) and nurturing Manuka Honey.
Boo-Tiful Sale
Luminous Pressed Powder $40.70 $34.60 15% off 4.125 Wear this soft, sheer powder that contains natural reflective properties to give skin a natural glow after applying your foundation or dusted over bare skin for a flattering finish.