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Reviews for Radiance Night Oil

By Living Nature

By Stephanie on January 2, 2014

Beautiful oil, love the scent, but too rich for my blood 4

I use a drop of this oil under my eyes every night, on my neck, the back of my hands, and occasionally across my forehead where I’m just starting to see a warning whisper of fine lines. I found when I tried to use it on my forehead more regularly, I started getting little bumps, so it’s a bit too rich for me to use nightly on my face. I’m 27, and while I don’t have any wrinkles yet, I want it to stay that way for a while! I love the scent and how hydrating this oil is.

By Noosie on September 5, 2013

Radiance achieved! 5

A drop or two (either applied directly to bare skin or mixed with moisturizer) goes a long way, absorbs beautifully and leaves skin soft, subtle and radiant upon waking. The oil has a calming, comfortable scent and is a definite candidate for repurchase.

By Tracy on December 27, 2012

Great night time treatment 4

This is great for my combination skin in winter. I wake up to super soft skin. It is easy to apply and the smell is natural. Although the bottle is small, I expect it to last a while.

By Jane on October 28, 2012

Amazing results from this oil. 5

This oil has taken years off my face. I use less make up and my skin looks firmer. The lines around my eyes have virtually disappeared. It is expensive but totally worth it.

By Kr on June 13, 2012

best night serum 5

This is the best night serum I’ve ever used. It’s one of the few serums where I notice a difference right away. It reduces the redness in my skin and evens out the tone. It is also very hydrating.

By Monica on February 14, 2012

My special splurge 4

This has made such a difference in my skin. It’s cliche to say, but my complexion actually glows now. There’s a certain firmness there that was definitely lacking before. It’s my special splurge, my nighttime beauty ritual before I hit the sheets, so I wake up looking refreshed and radiant.

By Shareen on November 7, 2011

Miracle Face Oil 5

I LOVE this face oil. It is light, has a GREAT scent, and absorbs quickly so there is no greasy after effects. This is a miracle oil. I used to have dry rough spots on my cheeks but since using this product they have disappeared leaving soft fresh looking skin. Wonderful product!!!

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