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Reviews for Rescue Gel

By Living Nature

Average rating: 3.2 out of 5 hearts
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By Lesley on February 21, 2011

Great on rashes 4

I love it for irritated skin. I know the manufacturer recommends it for acne but it made no difference on my daughter’s pimples. I value it for persistent flaky patches — I have eczema and this stuff really helps around the hairline and especially with those flaky bits behind the ears. Also good for healing scrapes etc. So it is all a matter of what it is used for. If you have rashes, try this stuff. If you want to treat acne, try something else.

By M.R. on February 19, 2011

Very effective 4

I agree that this gel has a strong scent that is not pleasant, but I have gotten used to it as it works wonders on my blemishes. I use it as a spot treatment and wake up to dramatically reduced spots. For me the scent is well worth the results.

By S on January 25, 2011

I don't get it. 1

I adore Living Nature and use quite a few of their products. I bought this stuff as an acne / healthy skin treatment. The first time I put it on… Well, I love natural products and natural plant smells, but this stuff seriously reeks. I couldn’t sleep until I washed it off. I gave it 3-4 more chances. Surely something that smells this bad must do something, right? Well, the texture is great, and I want to believe it’s doing something. But I saw absolutely no change in my skin, and the price is crazy for a tiny, tiny tube. In short: I recommend any Living Nature product but this one.