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Lotus Wei – Transformative Flower Alchemy

Lotus Wei hand-collects vibrational flower essences worldwide, combining these powerful yet little-known remedies into transformative self-care. Infused into delicious flower elixirs, exquisite aromatherapy mists, skin serums, and natural perfumes, flower essences work immediately through the acupuncture meridians to remove static and magnify your best qualities. Feel a difference in your mood within a week and re-connect on a deeper level to yourself, your loved ones and your surroundings. Learn more »

Lotus Wei offers products in 4 categories:
Joy Juice Elixir $34.75 Out of stock
Inner Peace Elixir $34.75 Out of stock
Pure Energy Mist $39.75 $33.79 15% off
Quiet Mind Mist $39.75 $33.79 15% off
Inspired Action Perfume $44.75 $38.04 15% off
Inner Peace Perfume $44.75 Out of stock
Pure Energy Perfume $44.75 Out of stock
Inspired Action Serum $49.75 $42.29 15% off
Quiet Mind Serum $49.75 $42.29 15% off
Pure Energy Serum $49.75 $42.29 15% off