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Reviews for Inner Peace Serum

By Lotus Wei

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By Carrie on April 10, 2013

Great for Massage! 5

I keep coming back to this scent for use during massage therapy and reflexology on the feet. The combination of lavender, juniper, geranium, and vetiver is amazing! It certainly does bring a feeling of inner peace not only to my clients, but also myself. I normally use the Inner Peace serum on men, and Infinite Love on women during massage. Everyone raves about the scent and loves how moisturized their skin feels. It’s very important to me that Lotus Wei uses quality oils and GMO-free ingredients. I don’t use this regularly for full body massage since I would use it up quickly and it would get quite expensive to keep in stock, but for a facial or foot massage, it’s a special treat!

By Kristina on January 8, 2013

There are better serums out there 3

I didn’t really find this to be a effective moisturizing serum. For that price, I can find lots of other rich and natural serum on Saffron Rouge. However, it does smell divine and gives you a mood lift. Bit too pricey for me to use as a foot rub, personally. I think I’m better suited to one of the Lotus Wei mists rather than trying to combine it’s floral alchemy concept with my skin care routine.