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Reviews for Joy Juice Mist

By Lotus Wei

By Michele on April 17, 2014

citrus florals! 4

this is a nice scent, marrying citrus with florals…It is very spring like. I am not sure if it dissolves my seriousness, but it is a very playful scent.

By Dawn on April 13, 2014

Effective giving results for hours and worth buying! 4

This one of 2 mists I received in my monthly beauty box. I do not like the scent but the results made it worth it! I had doubts a spray would improve my mood, especially one I don’t like, but I sprayed it before working. Next thing I knew I was working on my laptop like a fiend for hours! I thought it was a fluke so I tried it several days when I felt tired and cranky. It still works! If you need an energy boost give this mist try!

By Donna on December 14, 2012

Recommended mood lifter 4

I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about Lotus Wei in different blogs and magazines. It really is extraordinary. I tried a perfume and a mist. The Joy mist is pleasant smelling but it’s not supposed to be a long lasting fragrance type product. It’s more like a temporary smell that makes you feel good long term. It’s a happy product!

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