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Reviews for Mini Mist Collection

By Lotus Wei

Average rating: 2.8 out of 5 hearts
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By Lindsay on April 28, 2014

Could Be Better 4

These are not very strong, so I’m taking away one point for that. I received Joy Juice and Inspired Action in my inner circle package. I do like them, and it’s decent aromatherapy, but it would be better if there were a stronger fragrance.

By Britt on April 18, 2014

Very fleeting fragrance, not effective 1

I received two of these mists in my Inner Circle box. I’m glad I got to sample first as I was thinking of purchasing the set. The scents only last momentarily, and I haven’t experienced the “Quiet Mind” or the Joy that “Joy Juice” promises after spraying and inhaling them over the past few days. I’m disappointed with this line, and can help but ponder if it might have been more effective as an inhaler rather than a mist, since the scent is so fleeting in this form.

By Carrie on December 26, 2012

Quality Ingredients Used 4

This is a great way to try all scents, pick your favorites, then buy the larger size. I do prefer the serums because they last longer on my skin. The mists are for a lightly scented pick-me-up throughout the day. My favorite is Infinite Love & Joy Juice. I just wish they lasted longer, but I don’t fault Lotus Wei for this. If you want lasting scent, buy the perfume with the added grape alcohol in it. A great, healthy way to try aromatherapy! Even the pretty colors on the bottles lighten my mood.

By Kathiann on December 12, 2012

Not worth it 1

I really wanted to like these, but I just don’t. First, most of these smell really floral, which I’m not a fan of (I like a more clean or even a bit fruity smell). That would be okay because some people do like that type of smell, but You can’t even smell these after they dry on your skin, which is in like 60 seconds. Even the directions say to mist and inhale at least 5 times a day. For the price, I’m not going to apply all day long, they get used up so quickly. I have sprayed these and my husband has never noticed the smell – ever. I’m looking into oil-based natural perfumes now; hopefully they will last a bit longer.

By Martina on November 21, 2012

Try them on - see how they work 4

This is a good way to try out these mysterious mists for yourself. It’s not for everyone, you kind of have to believe in the concept first. They’re not like perfumes, in that you don’t go around smelling like a bouquet of roses for the day, but these flower essences do have a way of making you feel good. The skeptic in me says it’s just the power of suggestion, but so what, I’ll take that. So don’t expect one spray and you’ll find true love or peace, but if you go into it with the right attitude, you’ll smile and feel some positive energy for a while.