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Perfume Sampler

Experience a myriad of moods with these transformational perfumes.

By Lotus Wei

Lotus Wei Perfume Sampler


6 customer reviews

Experience a myriad of moods with these transformational perfumes.

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Ideal for travel. Try all Lotus Wei inspired fragrances: Joy Juice (Blood Orange and Marigold), Inner Peace (Lavender and Geranium), Infinite Love (Honey and Rose), Quiet Mind (Coriander and Geranium), Inspired Action (Pink Pepper and Cardamom), Pure Energy (Coffee and Grapefruit).


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By Candice on February 2, 2013

Mood altering bouquet 4

Every one is like a bouquet of fresh picked petals. They are all so pretty and natural, you can't help but smile. I get compliments on them all the time, and so I always take that opportunity to educate my friend on the nastiness of chemical fragrances (horrible stuff in there). These Lotus Wei scents really do effect your mood for the day. Two of three of them have emerged as my favorites (Joy, Love and Energy), so I'll be buying them full-sized soon.

By Jayne on February 27, 2013

Fun, flirty, floral 4

I thought I'd start with this sampler so I could test out the various scents and make an informed decision. The problem is, I love them all and am now having a hard time choosing! Each one is different, but all have a lovely fresh, fun, flirty quality - almost like a floral jolly roger candy, but in a good way. It's hard to describe, but they are wonderful. The scent doesn't seem to last more than an hour or two, but that's sort of the same with other toxic perfumes I used to use. To me, I just want that little pick me up of fragrant confidence as I start the day or go out for the evening, and a little top up every now and then is no big deal.

By Marny on August 11, 2014

Perfect Trial Size 5

These samplers are the perfect way to test the scents and see what works best with your own body chemistry. You only need a drop or two to get a nice fragrance -- I just hold my finger over the top of the bottle, tip it upside down then right it again, and then dab the perfume behind my ears and on the tip of my nose (so I can get a really good sniff of it!) The scents really do seem to have an effect on your mood -- all of them just make me feel happy! My personal favourites ended up being Infinite Love and Inspired Action, both things I want more of in my life!

By Willa on January 10, 2013

Don't have to pick and choose - get 'em all! 5

Yay! I was having a hard time trying to decide which one of these mysterious, exotic floral essences to try first, but now I get to sample all six wonderful mood elevating perfumes!


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