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About Lulu Organics

Natural solutions to everyday beauty

A small New York City-based brand, Lulu Organics’ 100% natural products are self manufactured and assembled with meticulous detail to ensure perfection.

Their signature Hair Powder is a talc-free, organic alternative to the increasingly popular dry shampoo, designed to clean up oily hair, help blowouts last longer, and refresh hair before a night out.

Organic credentials

  • The Hair Powder is 98% organic with most ingredients being USDA Certified Organic.
  • All raw materials come from a Fair Trade co-op in Iowa.
  • Packaging is cornstarch-based and biodegradable, and all paper stocks are made from 100% recycled materials.
  • Free of chemicals, synthetics, and talc.

What makes this brand special?

Founder Linda Aldredge, a former artist and graphic designer, developed the Hair Powder after making the decision to learn how to use natural ingredients to make her everyday necessities at home. Lulu Organics was created to help people make their life a bit more simple and pure.

The dangers of talc

A fan of hair powder since the age of 19, Linda wanted her product to be free of talc—a questionable ingredient in terms of health and safety. Several studies have linked talc to puliminary issues along with lung, skin and ovarian cancer.

Lulu Organics’ all-natural powder is made with cornstarch, white clay, baking soda, and rice powder.

Other Interesting Facts

  • The white powder will blend into any hair color—including black—by using just a little and sufficiently working it into the roots.
  • The lightest Hair Powder scent is the clean Lavender/Clary Sage.

Standout Products

Organic Hair Powder $35.95 4.3333 Refresh hair in between washes with this lightweight 100% natural powder.Out of stock
Organic Hair Powder (Travel Size) $10.00 3.6667 Soak up excess oil and leave dirty hair feeling and smelling clean with this talc-free 100% natural powder.Out of stock