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Lulu Organics - Hair Powder

Meet Lulu Organics founder Linda Aldredge

As a product, Lulu Organic’s signature Hair Powder is endearingly simple yet remarkably brilliant. And as it turns out, Founder Linda Aldredge is just as interesting, innovative and irresistible as her products. Learn about her inspiration, why everyone could use a little Hair Powder, and why she spends her downtime living in a tree house. (Really!)

You’re almost as famous for your solar-powered tree house as you are for Lulu Organics. How did that project start? Do you actually spend time in the tree house? And what do you love most about it?

The treehouse was an idea my friend and I cooked up late one night. I'd bought a small parcel of land and wanted to build something modest, something I could camp in that didn't require a lot of maintenance.

I do spend time there. As much as I can which usually equates to 1-2 weekends a month.

I love the stillness, the trees and the animal friends. I love that I don't get cell reception, and that when I'm there nothing exists but me and my land.

Why did you decide to create Lulu Organics and what was your inspiration?

I grew up in a health / holistic conscious household. My mother is a nutritionist and I've always been a huge advocate of self-healing. The products started one year when I decided to teach myself how to make all the things I use in my home. Some things were a complete failure and others were a total success. Eventually I started to give the products out as gifts and my friends were hooked, really impressing upon me the need to sell them. Which I eventually did.

Explain the benefits of hair powder to someone who’s never tried it before. Who is it good for?

It's good for all kinds of people. I use it because I have fine hair that is quick to show oil or stringiness. But I have lots of friends and customers who swear by it to prolong a blowout. It's also a lifesaver on the days when you skip a shower or right before you head out for the night and don't feel like executing your entire primping program. When I'm up in the woods, I use it for just about everything: hair, body, feet…

Beyond the 100% natural ingredients, how is Lulu Organics an eco-friendly company?

We only use green power for our production facility and buy only cornstarch garbage bags, earth friendly cleaning materials and energy saving bulbs. We also re-use all of our shipping boxes and packing materials. If it shows up on our doorstep—it gets re-used. Our paper stocks are 100% recycled materials and 30% post consumer waste and all of our packing material is cornstarch based and biodegradable.

We use 'kraft' paper for our packaging (Hair Powders) and all of our collateral material is made from 100% recycled materials (most of the time). Our paper stocks are 100% recycled materials and 30% post consumer waste. The Lip Balm containers are made of polypropylene plastic which is recyclable.

Your packaging is so undeniably pretty, was it an important element of the brand for you?

Yes! I'm a graphic designer and artist in my past profession. I love a well thought out aesthetic. I think it's a lovely feeling to peek into one's medicine cabinet or glance over one's dresser and only see pretty things.

Standout Products

Organic Hair Powder $35.95 4.3333 Refresh hair in between washes with this lightweight 100% natural powder.Out of stock
Organic Hair Powder (Travel Size) $10.00 3.6667 Soak up excess oil and leave dirty hair feeling and smelling clean with this talc-free 100% natural powder.Out of stock