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Reviews for Lavender Blotting Papier

By Mai Couture

By Michele on April 17, 2014

Really works to absorb the excess oil 5

I have very oily skin around my forehead, nose and chin and these blotting papers allow me to remove the excess oil without having to reapply my makeup! I just gently press the papers on my skin and pull away! They smell like lavender and the gold case is very glamorous. I also love the fact they they are made with natural materials.

By Elizabeth on April 16, 2014

One Sheet is all it takes! 5

One sheet is all it takes to absorb the oil from the face, especially the T zone. Added benefit of lavender oil infused sheets makes this a nice blotting paper.

By C on April 15, 2014

Love them-work great. Perfect size. 5

I first saw blotting papers about 20 years ago when I worked at a natural body care store. They were about 1/2 the size of these and had a heavier powder “coating.” It’s been years since I used blotting papers (not sure why I stopped) but I received these in my Inner Circle box and the other day I was looking shiny in the evening and wished that I had something to dull the shine (ah ha!) I grabbed these and they were perfect! The shine was blotted away but I didn’t look “chalky” and I loved the size of the sheets-much easier to handle and maneuver around my face. The scent was nice; not overpowering-I tend to be sensitive to strong scents. Love them!

By Elizabeth on May 31, 2013

Nice scent, light application, great product! 4

This is a great product for refreshing your face in the afternoon. It has a very nice light lavender scent and it absorbs oil and mattifies the skin without seeming to leave any residue. I remember buying some product called “papier poudré” when I was a teenager and loved it. I had totally forgotten about it until I saw this product. A great re-discovery for my purse! I am looking forward to purchasing the foundation version.

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