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Organic & Mineral Makeup for Eyes

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Cleansing Milk $36.95 4.4857 By Dr.Hauschka 150mL/5fl.oz
Eyeliner $19.75 4.625 By INIKA
Dr.Hauschka Mascara $25.95 4.4706 By Dr.Hauschka 8mL/0.25fl.oz
Volume Mascara $29.95 4.1458 By Dr.Hauschka 10mL/0.3fl.oz
Thickening Mascara $30.00 4.375 By Living Nature 8mL/0.25fl.oz
Kajal Eyeliner $16.90 4 By Dr.Hauschka 1.5mL/0.05fl.oz
Eyeshadow Solos $18.90 4.6667 By Dr.Hauschka 1.3g/0.05 oz
Living Luminizer $38.00 4.3182 By RMS Beauty 6g/0.2 oz
Pure Primer $47.76 4.4286 By INIKA 50mL/1.6fl.oz.
Mesmerize Eyeliner $18.00 3.5 By Vapour 0.8g/0.028 oz
Gentle Makeup Remover $23.00 4.7333 By Living Nature 100mL/3.4fl.oz
Illusionist Concealer $22.00 3.5 By Vapour 3g/0.1 oz
Correct Coverage Concealer $29.95 4.2667 By Suki 24.1g/0.15 oz.
Liquid Eyeliner $21.95 3.8571 By Dr.Hauschka
Light Reflect Highlighting Crème $28.47 4.75 By INIKA 8g/0.28 oz
Brow Pencil $19.75 4.2 By INIKA
Currently unavailable
Mineral Eyeshadow $19.75 4 By INIKA
Eyeshadow Palette $43.90 4.5556 By Dr.Hauschka 4x1.8g/0.25 oz
Hypnotist Mineral Eye Pencil : Black $18.50 By W3LL PEOPLE .04oz/ 1g
Currently unavailable
Eyeshadow $12.00 3.8333 By Lily Lolo 2.5g/0.088oz
Mesmerize Eye Color Shimmer $18.00 3.6667 By Vapour 3g/0.1 oz
Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow $12.50 4.5 By Alima Pure 2.5g/0.088oz
Eyeliner Duo $28.90 4.5 By Dr.Hauschka 2g/0.07 oz
Satin Matte Eyeshadow $12.50 4.6667 By Alima Pure 2.5g/0.088oz
Cream Eye Shadow $28.00 4.2 By RMS Beauty 6g/0.2 oz
Eye Pencil $20.00 4.5 By Living Nature 3g/0.1 oz
Organic Eye Makeup Remover $39.95 4.5 By Dr. Alkaitis 50mL/1.7fl.oz
Luminous Shimmer Eyeliner $12.50 4.2 By Alima Pure 2.5g/0.088oz
Pearluster Eyeshadow $12.50 4.8 By Alima Pure 2.5g/0.088oz
Eyeshadow $31.00 5 By Studio 78 Paris 2.5g/0.088oz
Almond Soothing Facial Oil $25.50 3.5 By Weleda 50mL/1.7fl.oz
RMS Beauty Brightening Brush $12.00 4 By RMS Beauty
Currently unavailable
Elitist Mineral Shadow $16.00 5 By W3LL PEOPLE .05oz/1.5g
Mesmerize Eye Color $18.00 4.75 By Vapour 3g/0.1 oz
Color Balancing Powder $20.00 4 By Alima Pure 5g/0.17 oz
Tapered Angle Eye Brush $20.00 By W3LL PEOPLE
Currently unavailable
Capitalist Mineral Brow Pigment $16.00 By W3LL PEOPLE .05oz/1.5g
Trick Stick Highlighter $20.00 4 By Vapour 3g/0.1 oz
Loose Powder Eyeshadow $31.00 5 By Studio 78 Paris 1.75g/0.06 oz
Natural Definition Mascara $22.00 3.3333 By Alima Pure 8g/0.28 oz
Satin Matte Eyeliner $12.50 5 By Alima Pure 2.5g/0.088oz
Natural Perfection Concealer $29.75 4 By INIKA 10mL/0.3fl.oz
Eye Pencils $16.00 3.5 By Lily Lolo 1.2g/0.04 oz
Double Effect Mascara - All Nighter 01 $34.00 2.2 By Studio 78 Paris 9g/0.3 oz

Don’t turn a blind eye to the ingredients in your eye makeup products.

Our organic eyeshadows, eyeliners, and mascaras enhance your natural beauty the natural way with pure mineral pigments and soothing organic plant extracts. Whether you’re looking for long-lasting color or pigmented eyeshadows that heal the delicate eye area, these eye makeup products blend evenly and are suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Eye Makeup FAQs