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Reviews for Lavender Organic Hair Removal Kit

By Moom

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By Kate on April 27, 2012

Great alternative to waxing 5

When I used this product, I had never waxed anything before because I was afraid it would be too harsh on my skin. Pulling hair out is going to be painful any way you do it, and I certainly would recommend taking ibuprofin before using Moom. It didn’t leave behind any redness, though there were a few spots where I bled a little from the pores. The hair removed fairly easily and didn’t grow back for about 3 weeks. I love that unlike wax, Moom washes off easily with water. It makes clean-up sooo much easier! The smell is also nice. The only thing I will say is that I think this product will have better results if used by a professional and not on yourself (for underarm and bikini waxing especially—for facial hair and legs it’s easy to DIY). Overall great product!

By Corrie on April 3, 2012

Make sure you get the temperature right. 4

Definitely follow the instructions carefully with this. I applied this when it was too hot and it kind of burned the skin around my upper lip. Won’t make that mistake twice! Next time I tried it, I did it just right. It does sting a bit when you rip off the strips, but it is very effective at removing hair. I find this a big improvement over waxing, which I always found was too harsh for my sensitive skin.