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Tea Tree Organic Hair Removal Kit

Extract hair at the roots for long-lasting smoothness using this 100% natural sugar-based formula.

By Moom

Size: 170g/6 oz

Country: Canada

Moom Tea Tree Organic Hair Removal Kit


6 customer reviews

Extract hair at the roots for long-lasting smoothness using this 100% natural sugar-based formula.

Sorry, but this product has been discontinued and is no longer available.

More about this product

It's strong enough to remove stubborn hair but completely gentle on sensitive areas. The easy-to-use, water-soluble formula eliminates hair on the legs, underarms, bikini area, face and anywhere else on the body. Combining the ancient art of sugaring with traditional waxing, the herbal-infused blend is less painful than waxing but more effective than sugaring. Moom also smoothes away dead skins cells to soften as it removes unwanted hair. It contains sugar, antiseptic lemon juice, calming chamomile, healing tea tree oil, water and nothing else. It has a tea tree scent. The kit includes 6 oz. jar of 100% Natural Hair Remover, 18 washable, reusable fabric strips, 4 wooden applicators and an instruction booklet.


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By Newyorker on February 20, 2011

Great for in-home waxing! 4

I am totally hooked on this hair removal kit! I have used the tea tree and lavender kits and love them both. The formula is great for my sensitive skin, which was often prone to rashes and redness after waxing. I still get some redness from waxing but I no longer have issues with rashes. I have used for leg and bikini waxes and find the formula easy to heat and apply. I love the different-sized fabric strips--though washable and reusable, I have never reused them, so can't speak to their effectiveness after a washing. My only reason for 4 stars is that I wish the kits contained more wooden applicators. As the wax dries, it thickens up on the stick and can affect subsequent applications, so it would be nice to have more application sticks included with each kit and/or sold separately.

By Naomi on October 31, 2011

Nice and gentle! 4

This is a nice and gentle sugar wax! It removes facial hair well, but the little fine hairs seem to be missed often. But as I am sensitive to 'regular' wax and cannot use it, this is a wonderful alternative! I have only used this on my fine facial hair (eyebrows/lip/chin) and have not tried it on coarser hair- I would imagine this wax might not be strong enough for coarse hair, but works well on fine hair.

By Rose on February 17, 2011

Outstanding 5

I have great results with the Moom Hair Removal Kit. It works beautifully and washes off perfectly with soap and water. I have extremely sensitive skin, and this system is completely non-irritating, easy to use and effective!

By Kate on February 16, 2011

sugaring wax 4

This is a nice product, clean and comes with reusable strips. Definitely like traditional sugaring and leaves skin feeling normal and not stripped. If you are used to waxing you will enjoy this product.

Directions for use

Warm wax in a microwave, testing every 10 seconds until it reaches a honey-like consistency. Always test the temperature before you apply it to your skin. It should not be hot, but pleasantly warm. Alternatively, place the closed jar in a pot of boiling water ensuring the water comes up no higher than halfway up the jar. Before applying, wash and completely dry the skin.
Apply a paper-thin layer of wax on the desired area, following the direction of the hair growth. Quickly place a fabric strip over the area, leaving the end free for an easy grip. Rub your hand over the strip rapidly three times to help adhere it. Then holding the skin taut below the strip with one hand, use the other hand to quickly pull the fabric in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Make sure to keep the strip as parallel to the skin as possible.


Sucrose (Sugar), Aqua (Water), Citrus Limonium (Lemon Juice), Anthemis Nobillis (Chamomile), Melaleuca Alternifolia ( Tea Tree Oil)

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