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Reviews for Balancing Oil-Control Lotion

By Primavera

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By Marie-Eleana on January 18, 2013

Big difference 4

This has made such a difference in my complexion. It hasn’t necessarily cured me of acne, but my breakouts are reduced and that shine has diminished significantly. I does the trick without over drying, which is good because I find if I over strip the skin with astringents and the like I just get more oily.

By Heather on July 17, 2012

I'm convinced 5

I received a sample of this with a couple of my orders meaning to try it. After a couple of months, I finally remembered I had the samples, tried them, and wish I had tried them sooner. Usually by day’s end I have had to blot my shiny forehead a couple times and the amount of oil on the paper is a lot. The first day I used this product I got to about 4pm and realized my forehead didn’t look nearly as shiny as it usually does and really didn’t need blotting at all! Yay!

To prove to myself that it really did work and that day wasn’t just some lull in my hormonal cycle, I put the lotion on only one half of my forehead one day. The non-lotioned half had to be blotted multiple times that day, the lotioned half I blotted only once. That’s enough to convince me. Now, I’m just happy that I still have a couple samples left because it is sold out at the moment and I’ll have to wait for it to come in before I can get a full-sized bottle.

By Rachael on May 11, 2012

Absorb and glow! 5

My skin has become very oily in the last few months and I have had to change all my skincare to help with this. I have tried a few oil-control moisturizers and they have worked pretty well. What I will say about Primavera is the lotion is quickly absorbed and leaves little room (moisture/movement) for applying your foundation liquid or concealer. Of course you can, but it’s a little more work. Worth it though – the finish is excellent and I will say my skin held up for most of the day. Of course I had to blot here and there – but not as often!

By Colette on March 5, 2012

Controls the oil without stripping 4

My oily skin has a perma-shine and all my previous attempts to blot this up have just over-dried me out. This lotion seems to control the oil slick without stripping my skin of all suppleness. I’m not saying my complexion is completely shine-free but there is a vast improvement. My skin looks healthier and more radiant. Love this stuff!

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