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Primavera Base Oils

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Revitalizing Intensive Seed Oil Capsules $94.10 4.8889 By Primavera 30 capsules
Macadamia Nut Oil (organic) $17.95 4.5 By Primavera 100mL/3.4fl.oz
Avocado Oil (organic) $24.95 4.3333 By Primavera 100mL/3.4fl.oz
Grapeseed Oil (organic) $28.95 4.5 By Primavera 30mL/1fl.oz Out of stock
Jojoba Oil (organic/biodynamic) $25.95 5 By Primavera 100mL/3.4fl.oz Out of stock
Camellia Seed Oil 30mL (organic) $22.95 3 By Primavera 30mL/1fl.oz Out of stock
Evening Primrose Seed Oil $25.00 4.6667 By Primavera 30mL/1fl.oz Out of stock

Primavera offers a wide selection of the finest quality ready-to-use base oils.

Base oils are also known as carrier oils and, in some cases, infused oils, and can be enhanced by other essential aromatherapy oils you choose to add to them. These rich, moisturizing plant and seed oils are organically grown and expertly extracted to produce a pure base for use on the body, face, hair and in the bath.