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Reviews for Black Pepper Oil 5mL (organic)

By Primavera

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By Claudia on March 21, 2013

Deep warming effect 4

Forget Tiger Balm or Ben Gay or any other off the shelf muscle soothing formulas. This oil is what you need. Mix a few drops in a carrying oil and massage it in. Your skin and muscles will thank you.

By Dominique on June 1, 2012

Not a pretty scent, but it is powerful 4

I can’t say I enjoy the scent of this pepper oil, especially as compared to some of the floral and citrus essential oils out there, but it does have some effective health benefits. It’s not about the perfume, it’s about how it makes you feel. It really works my muscle tension out and keeps my mild arthritis in line. Good for colds, too.

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