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Reviews for Cold Therapy Eucalyptus Balm

By Primavera

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By Bernice on January 7, 2013

Strong smell but it works 4

It has a very strong, pungent smell but at least it doesn’t burn the skin like some other medicated balms do (at least to my sensitive skin). It just cuts right through the congestion and seems to open everything up. Can’t say I love the smell, but it is effective.

By Kendal on March 11, 2012

Nature's Vics 4

This is a pure, natural, healthy alternative to that Vics Vapor rub that we all grew up with (probably petroleum based – yuck!). That pungent eucalyptus wafts into the sinuses and clears up any congestion or inflammation. Makes me wonder, do koalas ever get stuffy noses?