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Reviews for Energizing Ginger Lime Body Oil

By Primavera

By Elizabeth on April 15, 2014

Nice light oil with mild clean fragrance 5

This body oil goes on light and is not greasy. I like the scent, and for me is not overpowering and has a nice clean scent. My skin is sensitive to some products so I tested this on my arm first and did not get a reaction to this oil whatsoever. If you wear fragrance, this body oil will not interfere because the scent is very light.

By Eliza on March 15, 2012

Wakes me up 4

Most aromatherapy oils I’ve used have a soft, gentle, relaxing scent that calms me down (puts me to sleep, actually). But sometimes you want something a bit livelier to rev you up and give you a jolt of energy. This ginger lime oil is it. A really zesty fragrance – not too feminine or perfumey. If you’re in the mood to perk up, this is a good choice.

By Kim on February 15, 2011

Bliss in a bottle! 5

This is the most luxurious, heavenly body oil I’ve come across. I also use some other body oil blends, but I admit I feel a tiny sinking feeling on those days when I reach for another bottle instead of this one. I have very sensitive skin, and I’ve experienced no problems with this gentle product. It does a great job keeping my skin soft without going on heavy, and the scent is invigorating. The Ginger Lime is perfect for applying in the morning (after a nighttime bath I prefer something more subdued like Primavera’s Relaxing Lavender Vanilla Body Oil, also lovely). I give this product my most enthusiastic recommendation!

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