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Reviews for Eucalyptus Oil 85%

By Primavera

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By Rose on May 6, 2012

Sauna tip 4

If you have a deep cough, or are trying to head off a cold, put a couple drops on a cloth and hang in a steamy shower while you breathe in the steam. You can also put a couple drops in the water you splash on your sauna stones – amazing restorative. Can also use in the jacuzzi. (Don’t use in a hot tub though, as it doesn’t mix happily with the chemicals.)

By W on March 10, 2012

Strong but effective 4

Eucalyptus is a very strong, potent oil so don’t go overboard with it. It works wonders when you have congestion or need to clear your sinus passages, though. I find it good for muscle aches too. I usually mix it with a little citrus to take the edge out of its odor.

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