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Primavera Jasmine Oil 4% 5mL  

Jasmine Oil 4% 5mL

Help soothe and moisturize skin with the antioxidant-rich properties in this relaxing essential oil.

By Primavera


Size: 5mL/0.16fl.oz

Country: Germany


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Help soothe and moisturize skin with the antioxidant-rich properties in this relaxing essential oil.

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More about this product

A four percent oil that's dissolved with ethyl alcohol, it also acts as an aphrodisiac and can create an uplifting environment to help counteract depression, anxiety, tension and stress. The harmonizing oil helps inspire the senses and has a unique, feminine and sensual aroma that's ideal for making perfumes. Use the passionate oil in a diffuser to saturate the air with an exotic and seductive scent. Considered a middle note when blended with other essential oils, it combines well with rose, sandalwood, clary sage and all citrus oils. The warm oil has a sultry floral scent with a hint of tea undertones.

The jasmine used to make this oil has been grown and harvested on Primavera's sustainable organic farming partnership in Egypt to ensure the highest quality and purest oil possible.


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Directions for use

In the bath add 2 –3 drops of essential oil to a natural emulsifier such as a base oil, cream, honey, liquid soap or sea salts. To create a body, massage or bath oil blend 5 to 15 drops of either just jasmine oil or a combination of different essential oils into 50 ml of a base oil. To experience the aromatherapeutic benefits, add a few drops of jasmine oil to a bowl of hot water and inhale the healing steam. You can also use the oil in a fountain, burner or diffuser.


96% Alcohol, 4% pure natural Jasmine Absolute Egypt (Jasminum grandiflorum)

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