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Primavera Lavender Oil 'Fine' (organic/biodynamic)  

Lavender Oil 'Fine' (organic/biodynamic)

Guard against stress, encourage sleep and ease tension with this soothing essential oil.

By Primavera


Country: Germany

Primavera Lavender Oil 'Fine' (organic/biodynamic)


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Guard against stress, encourage sleep and ease tension with this soothing essential oil.

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The harmonizing oil also calms and balances all skin types, especially stressed, irritated or acne-prone complexions. Use it to create a fragrant bath, body or massage oil to help unwind or treat anxiety, insomnia, nervousness, headaches, inflammation and muscle pain. When applied to minor wounds, scrapes, cuts and burns lavender oil can help speed healing and prevent infection. Between 120 to 150 pounds of lavender are used to yield just one pound of the pure and powerful lavender essential oil. Used as a middle note when mixed with other essential oils, the lavender is steam distilled and has a fresh herb and floral scent.

The lavender flowers used to make this oil have been grown and harvested on Primavera's sustainable organic farming partnerships in France and Italy to ensure the highest quality and purest oil possible.

Stress Ease Blend:
Combine 5 drops of lavender oil, 3 drops of bergamot oil and 1 drop of neroli oil.


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By Y on November 29, 2013

Destress 4

This was my first bottle of essential oil after being introduced to aromatherapy by a friend. I used it with primavera's frangipani stone diffuser that I purchased at the same and it really helped with relaxation. I ended up getting the lavender extra on my next order cause I loved the scent so much.

By Susan on June 1, 2012

My first and favorite oil 4

I'm just starting to get "into" aromatherapy and essential oils. Someone recommended I start with a lavender oil. I'm hooked! This has so many benefits and uses and smells so lovely. I want to branch out to other fragrant oils too, but I'm definitely going to stick with lavender in my collection of oils.

By Veronica on August 18, 2011

Divine Lavender Oil 'Fine' 5

Doesn't last long because it smells so divine you'll be constantly using it! Very high quality. Support organic and biodynamic farming.

By Arabella on October 14, 2012

Help for headaches and insomnia 5

This is a top grade essential oil. Lavender is wonderful for taking the edge off a migraine, and also helps relax you if you're having trouble sleeping. A drop or two on the pillow does the trick.

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Directions for use

In the bath add 2 –3 drops of essential oil to a natural emulsifier such as a base oil, cream, honey, liquid soap or sea salts. To create a body, massage or bath oil blend 5 to 15 drops of either just lavender oil or a combination of different essential oils into 50 ml of a base oil. Use the oil directly on burns, cuts and scrapes after cleansing them. To encourage restful sleep place one or two drops of lavender oil directly to your pillow. To experience the aromatherapeutic benefits, add a few drops of lavender oil to a bowl of hot water and inhale the healing steam. You can also use the oil in a fountain, burner or diffuser.


100% pure natural Lavender Extra Essential Oil (Lavandula angustifolia)

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