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About Primavera

Bringing Nature Closer

Every day is a chance to bring nature closer. That's been Primavera's philosophy for more than 20 years. Their hand-blended organic products are the result of time-tested methods and the purest organic plant ingredients that provide therapeutic benefits for your skin and senses.

Organic/fair trade credentials

  • Certified natural and organic by NaTrue, Primavera uses certified organic ingredients whenever possible.
  • For more than 20 years Primavera has been collaborating with fair trade partnerships worldwide and is intimately involved in every step to ensure that the ingredients are pure.
  • An integral part of Primavera is actively supporting independent farms as they convert to organic agriculture.

What makes this brand special?

Formed by a group of friends over two decades ago in Germany, Primavera is a brand that lives by the definition of community. From their own friendship to respecting and investing in the strength of farm communities worldwide, Primavera fosters unity with people and the earth.

The power of essential oils

The heart of every Primavera product, essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their natural healing and nourishing benefits. Along with pure essential oils, the other plant-based ingredients that form the foundation of Primavera are seed oils, base oils and plant extracts. Each product is hand-blended to create the most effective formulas possible.

Other interesting facts

  • From Jasmine grown in Egypt and Lavender harvested in France, to Ginger from Sri Lanka and Vanilla found in Madagascar, Primavera gathers it's ingredients from farms in over a dozen countries worldwide.
  • The range of products has been created to complement one another, so you can choose formulas and fragrances based on your needs and moods.
  • The Primavera logo is based on a 2000-year old fresco and the brand's name means "spring" in Italian.

Standout Products

Revitalizing Serum $80.00 4.1667 Formerly called "Natural Balance Intensive Revitalizing Serum" - Lift, brighten and protect normal and mature skin with this plant infused, antioxidant-rich serum.
Lavender Oil 'Extra' 5mL $16.95 4.75 Soothe your senses, balance your skin, encourage sleep and ease tension using this calming essential oil.
Revitalizing Intensive Seed Oil Capsules $94.10 4.8889 Formerly called "Natural Balance Ultra-Rich Face Capsules" - Nourish normal and mature skin with this rich blend of anti-aging seed oils packaged in unique capsules that seal out air for premium freshness.