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Peppermint Oil 5mL (organic/biodynamic)

Energize your mind, find concentration and create a stimulating environment with this refreshing essential oil.

By Primavera

Size: 5mL/0.16fl.oz

Country: Germany

Primavera Peppermint Oil 5mL (organic/biodynamic)


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Energize your mind, find concentration and create a stimulating environment with this refreshing essential oil.

Sorry, but this product has been discontinued and is no longer available.

More about this product

It noticeably combats tension and exhaustion while also easing the symptoms of headaches and nausea. Filled with anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties, peppermint oil can also be used to calm the symptoms of coughs, colds, the flu, sinusitis, athlete’s foot, indigestion and mental fatigue. It also works as an effective insect repellent. Use it in a diffuser to invigorate the air around you, or blended into a base oil for a reviving rub. Considered a top note when combined with other essential oils, it pairs well with spearmint, mint morocco, cajeput, grapefruit, lavender and rosemary. Peppermint oil has a crisp, cool scent retained when the leaf is steam distilled.

The peppermint used to make this oil is grown and harvested using biodynamic methods (certified by Demeter) on Primavera's sustainable organic farming partnership Italy to ensure the highest quality and purest oil possible.

Warning: This essential oil is not suitable for children under three and should be used with care.


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By Kelly on January 30, 2013

Anti-ant use 4

I recently discovered another use for this amazing essential oil. It makes an effective anti-ant repellant. I have a problem with ants taking over my kitchen, but a few strategic drops of this peppermint oil around their points of entry, and they have disappeared! No toxic chemical sprays required - something you really want to avoid around food and your kitchen.

By Tricia on March 9, 2012

Zippy oil, but use sparingly 4

This is a refreshing, invigorating, zippy oil - but use sparingly. A drop or two will do the trick. Any more and it'll be too strong, almost to the point of stinging your eyes. This was my savior when I took a boat trip last summer. I kept a tissue with a drop or two of this on it to inhale whenever those waves of sea sickness nausea came over me.

Directions for use

In the bath add 2 –3 drops of essential oil to a natural emulsifier such as a base oil, cream, honey, liquid soap or sea salts. To create a body, massage or bath oil blend 5 to 15 drops of either just peppermint oil or a combination of different essential oils into 50 ml of a base oil. To experience the aromatherapeutic benefits, add a few drops of peppermint oil to a bowl of hot water and inhale the healing steam. You can also use the oil in a fountain, burner or diffuser.


100% pure natural Peppermint Essential Oil (Mentha piperita)

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