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Rose Oil Turkish 1mL (organic)

Stimulate your senses by creating a romantic atmosphere or harmonize your mood with this enchantingly fragranced essential oil.

By Primavera

Size: 1mL/0.03fl.oz

Country: Germany

Primavera Rose Oil Turkish 1mL (organic)


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Stimulate your senses by creating a romantic atmosphere or harmonize your mood with this enchantingly fragranced essential oil.

More about this product

When used in skin care it also can help reduce broken capillaries and promote cell renewal for a radiant, even tone. Created using the famous Damask roses from the highlands of Isparta, the roses are hand picked in the early morning when the oil content is at its peak. They're immediately transported to the local master distiller who steam distills 3,500 to 5,000 kg of rosebuds to create just 1 kg of precious essential oil. Considered a middle note when blended with other essential oils it combines well with sandalwood, lavender, melissa, neroli, jasmine, cedar wood and orange oils. It has a full, rich rose scent. The petite 1mL size includes a separate dropper to easily extract the oil.

The rose buds used to make this oil are grown and harvested on Primavera's sustainable organic farming partnership in Isparta, Turkey to ensure the highest quality and purest oil possible.


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By Monika on March 9, 2012

Good for skin and spirit - don't be put off by the price 5

You may be shocked at the crazy price, but this organic Turkish rose oil is really priceless. When you think about how many roses are required to make just a few millilitres of this essential oil and all the natural organic farming practices and traditions involved, its value is apparent. The scent is truly breathtaking and it works wonders on the skin and the spirit.

Directions for use

In the bath add 2 –3 drops of essential oil to a natural emulsifier such as a base oil, cream, honey, liquid soap or sea salts. To create a body, massage or bath oil blend 5 to 15 drops of either just rose oil or a combination of different essential oils into 50 ml of a base oil. To experience the aromatherapeutic benefits, add a few drops of rose oil to a bowl of hot water and inhale the healing steam. You can also use the oil in a fountain, burner or diffuser.


100% pure natural Rose Turkish Essential Oil (Rosa damascene)

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