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Reviews for Thyme Thymol Oil 5mL (organic)

By Primavera

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By Marta on June 1, 2012

Keeps colds away 4

It does have a strong herbal scent but boy does it work at fending off colds and flu. I’m the only one in my office that didn’t come down with a series of sicknesses this winter, and I swear it was my thyme oil.

By Darla on March 9, 2012

Too strong for me 2

I’m personally not a bit fan of this bold, overpowering scent. It reminds me of an Italian kitchen. I do believe it has beneficial antibacterial properties, but I can’t get over the strong herbal food-like smell – it almost makes my eyes water. There are other gentler, more pleasant essential oils I prefer.

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