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red flower - Organic luxury beauty

Defining itself as a life force, and created to transform everyday experiences to their upmost extreme, red flower is based on the principles of world traditions, sustainable sourcing, well-being, and aesthetics. Founded by Yael Alkalay, red flower finds inspiration in her cultural heritage, stretching from Finland to Argentina, Japan to Turkey. More than that, red flower tells the story of traditions the world over, utilizing cultural influences and regionally specific beauty ingredients to deliver a kind of beauty not easily bottled. Learn more »

red flower offers products in 4 categories:
Ocean Candle $38.00
Wanderlust Candle $38.00 $32.30 15% off
Ambrette Perfume Roll-On $47.95 $40.76 15% off
Champa Perfume Concentrate $185.95 $158.06 15% off
Champa Perfume Roll-On $47.95 $40.76 15% off