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Reviews for Icelandic Moonflower Purifying Body Wash

By red flower

Average rating: 4.8 out of 5 hearts
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By Aisha on March 6, 2014

Intoxicating Scent 5

I received this body wash as a sample. Upon using it, I was immediately transported back to my childhood spending time with family in my mother’s village. I couldn’t quite figure out why until I looked at the title.. “moonflower”, realizing that the flower that grows in my mother’s garden is called “nightflower” in English. I now wonder if it is the same flower! Either way, the scent of this product is amazing. It lingers on your skin after showering, leaving a subtle scent behind. I am not a fan of heavily scented products, so this fits the bill for me. I did not find this body wash to be drying or moisturizing. It did a wonderful job of cleansing my skin and improving my mood. Thank you Red Flower for a wonderful product.

By Twinkie on January 10, 2014

delicate and feminine 5

Received this as a sample and am contemplating purchasing the full size. It has a lovely floral/herbal scent which is quite nice but not overpowering.

By Lynda on September 13, 2013


Age 36: I love this body wash. After having as a sample a couple of times, I had to purchase the full size. I am not disappointed. It smells divine. Also – some people have said some of the body washes don’t lather well – I use a poof for mine and it is great.

By K on June 8, 2013

Lovely smell 5

I got this as a sample and keep choosing it for one of my free samples with purchase. I think once I finish my current body wash I’ll buy this next. Love the smell. I bought the Moonflower body lotion and adore it.

By Ashleigh on October 12, 2012

Refreshing! 4

My skin seems to love this! I feel so refreshed after having used it. I will admit right after ive washed it off, my skin feels a little waxy like it does if you’ve used an un-moisturized soap. But very quickly the moisture comes seemingly from nowhere and my skin feels super soft. I love the fact that Im not lathering a bunch of chemicals on my body anymore, and the scent is very nice, as with all the Red Flower products.

By Veronica on August 17, 2012

Bravo Red Flower 5

Lovely herbaceous and floral scent the lingers delicately on your body. Transforms your ordinary shower into a luxurious spa experience. All red flower products are simply fabulous. You wont be disappointed!

By Tamina on March 30, 2012

Fairy tale body wash 5

This reads like a recipe in a fairy tale – moonflower, river birch, sea rocket, cloudberry, frankincense, rose oil – how magical! I feel like I should sprout diaphanous wings and a tiara after using this! Absolutely sublime body wash.

By M. on February 17, 2012

Great Scent 4

Lovely intoxicating smell. Feels good on the skin. Good in the bath or shower.