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Intensely Scented Room Diffuser

These exotic blends of intoxicating aromas will awaken your senses and add new life to your space.

By red flower

Size: 383g/13.5 oz

red flower Intensely Scented Room Diffuser


4 customer reviews

These exotic blends of intoxicating aromas will awaken your senses and add new life to your space.

More about this product

Whether you seek a calming aroma, an invigorating scent, or an uplifting olefactory experience, each of these exquisitely created fragrances are sure to please. A beautiful, timeless method that uses wooden stems to gently diffuse essential oils from a recycled Spanish glass vase.


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By Anne on October 3, 2012

Lovely product, but a terrible value 3

Here's the deal: the fragrance is amazing and the recycled glass container is understated yet elegant. However, for this INSANE price, I expected that the product would last for a while. I got mine about two weeks ago and it's already about 1/3 evaporated. At this rate, the whole thing will be empty within a couple of months. Sorry, but that's unacceptable for a product at this price point.

By Odette on April 23, 2012

Looks as good as it smells 4

This looks almost as beautiful as it smells. It's crazy pricey, but I just started getting into essential oils and I'm so glad I invested in this piece.

By Sophie on August 14, 2012

A great luxury buy! 4

I just bought this diffuser in Orange blossom and I love it! Yes, it is pricey, but the fragrance is exquisite (a very natural orange blossom smell) and the large diffuser itself is beautiful and very elegant. The fact that it is made in recycled glass is a plus, in my opinion. At first, the fragrance is very intense, but it gets softer after a few days. A great luxury buy!

By Kr on January 26, 2012

Warm, fresh and sweet 5

This smells wonderful. It is warm, fresh and sweet. It is very strong so you don't need to have it out all the time. Finally a diffuser that is not artificial.

Directions for use

Uncork and insert reeds. To refresh, turn reeds upside down and reinsert into bottle.


pure, natural fragrance in an alcohol base

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