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About red flower.

Organic luxury beauty.

Yael Alkalay, red flower founder and CEO, inspired by her experience as a cultural anthropologist and herbalist, launched red flower with a mission to offer beauty that encourages a full life, living in active awareness, generosity and style. Since its founding in 1999 in New York City with red flower’s launch of petal-topped candles and two organic flower teas, the company has continued to be a media favorite with a fashion and celebrity cult following.

Organic credentials

  • Ingredients are sourced sustainably and are 100% biodegradable.
  • Free of dyes, parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, and synthetic preservatives.
  • Packaged in PET plastic, 77% post-consumer recycled paper printed at a 100% wind-powered plant.
  • Never tested on animals.

What makes this brand special?

red flower inspires a sense of living fully through the power of nature and beauty. Rooted in New York City culture and design, red flower offers a deeply therapeutic line of skin, spa and home care products created with generosity of scent and in harmony with nature. red flower formulates with sustainable, organic and locally-sourced natural botanical extracts and oils, always blended to have a positive impact on personal health and the environment, creating a potent, luxurious, unforgettable experience.

An evolving experience

Today, red flower has grown to include organic room diffusers, 100% biodegradable body washes and lotions, certified organic perfume and three bath-house inspired home spa collections based on sustainable botanicals. red flower creates environmentally positive products that transform simple everyday experiences and celebrate life through the purity and freshness of flowers, inspiring optimism and the desire to live fully.

Standout Products

Cardamom Amber Oil $43.95 5 Warm and relax the whole body with this intensely scented, intoxicating blend of cardamom, bergamot, rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, black pepper, sweet orange and apricot.
Orange Quince Steam Room Mist $38.00 4.3846 Gives the skin the same effect as sitting in a steam room – oxygen rich and warmly glowing.
French Lavender Moisturizing Body Lotion $26.00 3 Deeply balance, soften and delicately scent the skin with this lavender, peppermint, honey and rosemary infused lotion.