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Reviews for Morrocan Rose Moisturizing Body Lotion

By red flower

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By Val on March 20, 2012

Good product! 4

This is a great lotion! It smells wonderful with a flowery scent and does absorb quickly and keeps me feeling moisturized all day. I use this along with the Morrocan Rose body wash which has the same scent. The bottle is on the small size and is seeming to go quickly after about a month; I am already half-way through the bottle. But it does feel wonderful on my skin!

By Naomi on February 15, 2012

Beautiful Packaging! 4

This is a fast absorbing lotion and great for all over moisture! I love the modern packaging and it looks beautiful next to a bathroom sink! (This is a beautifully perfumed lotion, but I do question the origin of the fragrance…it doesn’t smell of only pure essential oils. However, it doesn’t give me headaches as other perfumed lotions do.)

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