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red flower Orange Quince Steam Room Mist  

Orange Quince Steam Room Mist

Gives the skin the same effect as sitting in a steam room – oxygen rich and warmly glowing.

By red flower


Size: 100g/3.4 oz

red flower Orange Quince Steam Room Mist


13 customer reviews

Gives the skin the same effect as sitting in a steam room – oxygen rich and warmly glowing.

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Mist this blend of orange rind, orange blossom, iris, quince, cedar atlas wood, rose and lemon over the hair, face and body to replenish, cool and awaken the skin. Filled with rich fruit acids and vitamin C, a gentle antioxidant and very mild astringent, with every mist, stimulate blood flow and circulation and remove impurities from the skin's surface, tighten pores, brighten and rehydrate the skin. With each oil carefully selected for its skin brightening qualities and oxygen generating recharge. This blend of gently toning citrus oils, stimulating wood and fresh fruit extracts encourages cell turnover to renew the surface of the skin.


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By Patty on October 29, 2013

All time fav 5

The scent lingers long on me, with a hint of clean laundry, quince, spice and cedar- the clean laundry aroma being of castille soap, a blast from childhood. altogether this is a cozy, close to the skin fragrance that keeps me sniffing at my wrist for the complexities that come through. I know that red flower did not mean for this to be a "fragrance" as such. In my range of favorites, it rates up there with Tom Ford Portofino.

By Britt on May 27, 2014

Lovely, deep and complex and fragrance 4

Lovely, deep and complex and fragrance. It made my face very wet, which I didnt enjoy too much as it mussed my makeup. I do quite like this product though, and am spritzing on my neck, shoulders and arms to cool off during the hot days we've beeen having lately. Scent is not long-lasting, though, which is a pity as it is very pretty and I would enjoy having it linger longer.

By Michelle on May 13, 2014

Clean and uplifting. 5

This is AhMaZing it smells so close to another very popular scent (Lushous bath soaps store) that made that shop famous. However, this is cleaner, in both scent and ingredients. I received this in my monthly box (which is fantastic btw) and will definitely order the large size. So pretty and uplifting.

By Dawn on May 26, 2014

Fruity refreshing mist perfect for summer! 5

I love it! This orange scented mist feels great spritzed on my face in the hot Arizona heat and is very refreshing! The fruity scent is mixed with other stuff to give it a nice spa type feel when worn on my skin. It is not overpowering and lasts awhile. This is my favorite item in the May inner circle bag. It is always nice to try new products I normally wouldn't buy. This is something I will purchase when my sample runs out.

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Directions for use

Mist in the steamy humidity after bath or shower to quickly cool the skin, stimulating blood flow and circulation. Mist anytime the hair, face and body need a recharge.


Aqua (Water).sugar derived xylitylglucoside anhydroxylitol xylitol,citrus paradisi (pink grapefruit ) oil,citrus sinensis ,orange ) blossom oil,citrus sinensis (orange ) rind oil,pyrus cydonia (quince) nut oil,cedrus altas (cedar wood) oil,tanacetum annum (moroccan blue tansy) oil,citrus aurantium (neroli) oil,cupressus empervirens (cypress) oil,rosa damascena (rose) oil,citrus limon (lemon) extract,citrus madica limonum (lemon) oil

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