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red flower Spanish Gardenia Candle  

Spanish Gardenia Candle

With the full blossomed permeating scent of Spanish gardenia.

By red flower


Size: 170g/6 oz

red flower Spanish Gardenia Candle


5 customer reviews

With the full blossomed permeating scent of Spanish gardenia.

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Created from the oils of the gardenia flower with notes of tuberose and geranium leaf, this saturating, seductive scent fills the room with the fragrance of just picked flowers. Produces an even, slow, clean burn of 45 - 50 hours.


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By C on February 6, 2013

Favorite red flower candle! 5

My favorite red flower candle...beautiful, delicate scent.

By Gg on April 24, 2012

My top pick of red flower candles 4

I've tried a couple of these red flower candles and all are soft and sensuous, but this one is my top pick. The fragrance really envelopes the room, even when it's not lit there's a hit of this pretty flowery scent.

By Carrie on October 4, 2013

Red Flower Candles are AMAZING!!!!! 5

This is my second candle from Red Flower in this intoxicating scent. A pretty gardenia, not overpowering, that lingers even when not burning. I can't wait to try Japanese Peony and Indian Jasmine. The full sized candles come with scented dried flower petals in the same scent as the candle. After removing these (you don't want to burn them), I placed them in a small organza bag to use as a sachet.

By Carrie on November 19, 2012

One of my favorite scents! 5

This candle smells so pretty, like a lovely perfume floating in the air. You can tell Red Flower uses quality ingredients in their products. Make sure you trim the wick to 1/4". I didn't and there was black smoke on the glass from burning a few hours. It lightly scents a room even when unlit.

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Directions for use

Remove petals before lighting.


candle wax, food grade dye, natural fragrance, dry potpourri

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