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Reviews for Cream Eye Shadow

By RMS Beauty

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By Anna on October 16, 2014

Lovely consistency, a little goes a long way! 4

Magnetic is definitely my go-to eyeshadow. I was hesitant on the purchase due to it’s price, however after purchasing and loving the ‘un-cover up concealer’ I had to try it. As a brunette I wear it throughout the day as a light application on the outer corner of my eyes after an application of a light mineral eyeshadow base, you can definitely build up the drama throughout the evening. So versatile and has a lovely, subtle shimmer. Love it. I only give it a 4 star rating as it’s price is quite steep – but it’s worth it!

By E on October 28, 2013

niiice. 5

Loving the Solar shade on my fair face. Very easy to apply (makeup minimalist here) and is a great warm golden shimmer. Works well to sparkle up lips too, as is suggested.. very creamy consistency!

By Ash on June 24, 2013

Good liner when paired with minerals 4

This review is specifically for Karma. It’s super easy to great a wet liquid liner look with Karma, but you need to apply a mineral/powder shadow underneath. For me, if I were only to apply Karma, even as a liner, I would end up with a bit of a mess, i.e., the line would stamp itself onto my top lid. Having a powder base gives it something to hold onto and prevents smudging. If I follow this advice, it’s easy to use and I love the effect. I have been having success combining it with Alima Pure shadows.

By K on April 16, 2013

super easy application 4

I really like this eye shadow. It’s super easy & quick to apply. I’m looking to get some more colours in this. A little goes a long way, don’t cake it on.

By Patricia on July 18, 2012

These shadows ROCK. 4

Myth is the greatest color for brown eyes. It is bronze and warm and glorious. Use on blue or green eyes as well. The best! so soft an easy to apply, make it more intense for evening by putting ‘karma’ on as a liner. Very cool. Well done Rose-Marie.

By Patricia on July 11, 2012

easy to use, easy to transport - good for you!! 5

RMS is so easy to use. I wish it lasted a bit longer, but I am so pleased with the colors, ease of use, and purity of the products! Plus, the small jars travel sooo well, re-applying is not a big issue. I was fortunate to have Rosemary (the creator) do my makeup in NYC and she is such a believer in only putting the best ingredients on your skin and into your body. She is truly inspiring and really motivated me to clean out my makeup drawer!! I will only order good for me stuff like Saffron Rouge products and all things RMS beauty! Thanks!

By Kr on July 1, 2012

Not what I was hoping 3

I sooo wanted to love this product because it is so nice in theory. However, after many attempts at wearing it, with many different options (no/with eye cream, with/without primer, with/without shadow over top, with/without setting powder over top), I still can’t get it to stay put. I bought ‘lunar’ and LOVE the colour and the look when I first put it on. Within minutes though, it has traveled into the crease and starts making a mess:-( I find the darker colours even harder to work with.

By Natalie on May 7, 2012

Ok 2

This creases. I use it for other things such as lips or cheeks not eyes.

By Alicia on February 13, 2012

Heavy creasing on my eyelids 3

Similar to some other RMS products, I really wanted to love this one. They all come in nice glass containers, which I appreciate, and are as natural as a product can come. I have three colors (that’s how much I wanted to love it – I kept buying more!) – spark, seduce and magnetic. I have a problem with creamy eye products creasing, so with most powders I use a primer. But these are applied directly to the lid. Because I was trying to recreate the intensity of the color on my lid, I must have over applied product, leading to really unattractive creasing – although you can blend out the crease throughout the day, by 3 or 4 hours of this you have almost no product left! I find it works best as a thin layer (therefore the color becomes covered) with a powder shadow applied on top. I haven’t really tried them as just a thin layer without powder (I was tired of the creasing). It could just be my eyelids, but this product really doesn’t work for me in any other capacity. I don’t plan on buying the remaining three colors!

By Rachelc on January 10, 2012

Moisturizing, lovely colour, mild creasing but easy to fix 5

Yes, this product might crease, but the colours look so lovely when applied and it moisturizes the eyelid so well, I don’t feel the minimal bit of creasing that may occur is worth worrying about. This product lasts and even when it does crease, I can simply pat lightly and the crease disappears. I don’t even need a mirror to fix it.

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