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Reviews for Lip Shine

By RMS Beauty

Average rating: 4.1 out of 5 hearts
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By Courageousheart on August 17, 2014

Bright & Vibrant! 5

I got the color Sacred. I had seen it online and immediately was like, “It’s so bright!” which is what I liked about it. The color is basically the same online (maybe even brighter, I’m not sure.) I was glad it was the same color.
It applies like lip gloss, shines like lip gloss as well for maybe an hour or 45 minutes and then starts to mattify, if that’s a word. So it wears like lipstick after that. It doesn’t bleed and you don’t need a whole lot. I use a lip brush for mine. You can also take a little and keep it in the middle area of your lips for an ombré effect.
Overall, I like it very much and am glad I got it!

By Vivian on April 28, 2014

Love the color 5

Love it! Great color!
I have fair skin and bought Bloom, and it looks great. It gives a light shade of color without being too glossy.
Stays on well and it’s moisturizing.

By E on October 28, 2013

great product! 5

5 hearts for this product, i am stocking up on my favorite shade! i love sacred which goes so well with my light complexion. i tried bloom too and it is beautiful but very light for me. it’s very creamy and nice, and i think the color would go well on someone light skinned as long as they don’t have red/pink undertones, and darker skin as the contrast with the light pretty pink would be so lovely.

By E. on October 13, 2013

A++ 5

I have sacred and love it. It looks insanely bright in the pot but on my fair, freckled face it’s just lovely. I find the color lasts pretty long, even after it looks like it’s all come off on my tea mug.. the color is easy to adjust, you can go very light or pile it on for a heavier brighter look. There’s a lot of product in the pot too, it has lasted me a few months and still going strong, and it’s my minimum makeup routine on the daily. A++!

By K on April 16, 2013

not my fav RMS product 3

I got this as a gift-with-purchase and glad I didn’t pay full price for it. Personally, I think the price is outrageous for this. It doesn’t stay on long and the colour fades quickly.

By Mai on December 5, 2012

my favorite 5

My favorite. I use it almost everyday on lips and cheeks. I always use a lip balm first and application is better with a brush on the lips. On the cheeks fingers are perfectly fine.

By Kr on July 19, 2012

Pleasantly surprised 5

I received the ‘Sublime’ lip shine promotion. The colour in the jar is bright pink so I was pleasantly surprised when it was so natural on. I have light skin and the ‘Sublime’ colour adds a healthy glow to my lips. If you are looking for a lip gloss, I’m not sure this is what you are looking for as it is not very shiny, nor thick. If you are looking for a nice lip balm with colour, this is an option. The subtle colour lasted after the oils were absorbed. The taste and scent are light.

By Alicia on February 13, 2012

Not very long-lasting, light healthy color 3

I wanted to love the entire RMS line, and while the concealer and lip2cheek are perfect, the rest falls short, including this product. I have both shades (I wanted to love the line, and probably purchased about 80% of it) and my main complaints are that they don’t feel super moisturizing, and they don’t last very long. I actually feel like my lips feel a little drier after using them, which is peculiar, and doesn’t make for a great lip product. Definitely don’t approach them thinking they are balms – they really are just shines, with minimal color. The colors are pretty – very sheer, healthy looking – and I probably slightly prefer Bloom to Moment. I won’t throw them away (I hoard beauty products!) but I don’t reach for them often.

By Jasmine on December 31, 2011

Average 3

I was given this product in the shade “moment” as a sample. Firstly, I don’t find it very moisturizing. I can’t use it by itself; it needs to be used with a lip balm. Secondly, it doesn’t last very long. However, I do love the color and like a previous reviewer stated, it doesn’t settle into lines. Rms beauty has some great products (see my review of the uncover-up), but sadly this didn’t work well for me.

By Carrie on December 21, 2011

Pretty, but expensive... 5

I bought this in Moment. I really like it. Its the perfect color for anyone really. This was designed for the Brazilian model Giselle. This is her favorite shade and she wears it a lot. Its not sticky feeling at all like most glosses can be. I also noticed it made my lips look more plump. It is quite expensive though for a lip shine. I’ll probably buy the $7 alima pure in Sweet Pea (very pretty subtle pink shade with a bit of shimmer). I noticed I had to keep reapplying the RMS Beauty lip shine throughout the day. I didn’t stay on my lips for very long. It was very moisturizing though.

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