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Reviews for Lip2Cheek

By RMS Beauty

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By Veronika on October 23, 2014

Love it! 5

If you are looking for a cream blush, this is it! Not only is it a twofer (lip+cheek), so you are already getting a deal, it is hydrating, looks natural and stays on the cheeks all day. Love this stuff, you don’t even need to use very much to make an impact. You can build it up too if you want something more dramatic.

By Natalie on October 17, 2014

Great. 5

Love the simplicity and ease of use. Double use makes it easy to carry in my purse.

By E. on October 13, 2013

it's aight 3

I have rapture and it’s super dark and quite matte. I don’t use it a lot and prefer the lip shine (which I have in sacred and use everyday…) When I do use this it’s along with a liberal dose of lip balm, or mix in a little with the lip shine for a redder color. I don’t think I won’t bother trying a different color because I prefer the texture of the lip shine.

By Frankie on September 4, 2013

A - Okay 3

I ordered the illusive and found the color to be too dark. The texture seemed smooth and hydrating at first but my lips didn’t find it moisturizing enough. Also the jar was a big turn off for me. It takes too much time to apply with a brush and it’s not practical. Using the finger is not handy at all when out and about, and isn’t sanitary . I wish they’d have lipstick tubes and I would definitely consider trying a lighter pigment (more moisturizing).

By Jessie831 on May 22, 2013

Pretty good stuff! 4

I bought both smile and rapture and I really like them. I liked rapture a lot more, I have pale and oily skin and smile was a bit too pink. There is a lot of product which is great. The only reason I took a star off is because they do not last very long. But overall, they are good!

By Erin on April 8, 2013

Great product for the makeup minimalist 5

I own this in promise (almost an exact match for a similar product from Suki, now discontinued). This is extremely creamy and works well for my dry skin.

By Ashley on April 3, 2013

A little too synthetic looking for me 3

This is a review for Smile. I wasn’t as fond of this colour (see my review for Muse). I know it’s the only product in the rms beauty range to use synthetic pigment, and I really think you can tell. It just looks very unnatural on me. I wish I had tried Promise.

By Ashley on April 3, 2013

A new favourite! 5

This is a review for Muse. I have very pale skin and Muse is my favourite rms beauty product so far (maybe tied with the uncover up). It’s perfect for a modern, subdued lip and adds just a flush of colour to my cheek. Perfect for my colouring.

By K on March 26, 2013

positives and drawbacks 4

I have purchased almost every shade in the Lip2Cheek. I love the packaging and the versatility of the product. Only drawback is that it doesn’t last for very long so you will need to reapply. ‘Rapture’ and ‘Illusive’ can be more on the drying side but intense colours which I like. I was a little disappointed with the colour ‘Muse’. It hardly shows up on my skin at all (I have yellow undertones).

By Edith on December 18, 2012

Longlasting, don't even have to reapply after eating. 5

Lip2Cheek is really unique. A very little goes a long way on my cheeks. I mainly use it as lipstick, though, because my skin tends to “eat” creamy blushes…and then the color disappears. I like pink colors, and the color I use is Smile. It goes on fast & stays…even after eating a full meal. Very durable as a lipstick. I top it off with a thin slick of Inika Lip Whip (Berry), and I’m set for the day. If I do need to apply it again, I make sure to wipe off all lipsticks and reapply anew on bare lips. Unless I eat very greasy food, my lipstick won’t need to be reapplied at all…even after eating lunch & dinner.

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