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Reviews for Lip2Cheek

By RMS Beauty

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By Meera on August 5, 2012

Awesome product!!!! 5

Best product I have bought from Saffron Rouge, I have medium/tan/dark skin and this is highly pigmented, it came out perfectly just as described, I am thoroughly impressed. Usually organic blushes are sheer and you can’t even see the color. This came out just as you see in the product.

By Kr on July 1, 2012

Great cream blush 5

I purchased ‘modest’ and ‘rapture’. I love this product and give it 5 stars as a cream blush only. It is moisturizing, pigmented and natural looking as a blush – perfect. As a lipstick, I like it less, more like 4 stars. I find the taste and texture on the lips a bit weird. I also find that it needs a gloss on top. I would definitely buy it again for my cheeks.

By Allie on May 5, 2012

Great product 4

Beautiful bright colour, long lasting, definetly a great product. All natural is a bonus.

By Carrie on April 7, 2012

Smile is Happening 5

I have this in Smile, a gorgeous bright orange/coral that sheers out beautifully on the cheeks, but with just a little bit more product, you can create an opaque lip with it as well. I also love to put gloss over it. Somehow, it’s very moisturizing yet doesn’t migrate into creases or fine lines. I’m so impressed with Lip2Cheek that I’ve already ordered it in Muse, and other shades may not be far behind!

By Kerry on March 21, 2012

Versatile product with natural, blendable colors 4

I have this in muse, smile, and illusive. The first two are very creamy, but illusive (as well as all the other colors) are more of a stain. Muse is a beige pink, really ideal for light skin as it adds a subtle glow and can also be used for highlighting. Smile is very coral toned, so it works better with a light tan or I think on blondes (I have dark brown hair and olive hazel eyes), but I still like it. Illusive is very brown, much more so than I expected. It mixes well with muse, but I only wear it as blush because I don’t fid it moisturizing enough for lip wear. I love how easy they are to apply, blend and of course, they are full of good stuff so my sensitive skin doesn’t freak out when I use them.

By Jazzy on January 19, 2012

Beautiful! 5

I bought this a few weeks ago in the shade Rapture. Now, if you look on, you’ll see a great description of each color and its texture. For instance, Rapture and Modest are more like stains rather than creams (hence some reviewers saying some are more “drying” than others).
Rapture is beautiful and highly concentrated. You only need the tinniest bit! I love using this on my cheeks. I find it lasts all day and doesn’t look like you’re wearing any makeup, if you just put on enough for it to give you a natural, rosy glow.
I haven’t used it a whole lot on my lips because they’ve been rather chapped lately. Using just a little makes your lips pop, again, without looking like you’re wearing any lip color.
I’ve tried the rms concealer, this, and the lip/skin balm. I love all these products!!!

By Kim on November 30, 2011

Gorgeous 5

These are perfect little pots of color that will last you forever. I have Illusive and Modest which are so richly pigmented you only need a tiny bit per application, but they’re not very emollient. Nor are they drying, it’s just they’re a little too “thick”. So, if you want a fairly sheer layer on your lips, you’d have to apply a bit of lip balm first. But you can apply it as a blush without any modifications easily. Anyway, yeah. They’re just really beautiful on the skin and (despite all my complaining) are really wonderful products.

By Dj on November 5, 2011

Quality product 4

Overall this is a good product and I would buy again. I am happy with the Rapture color and will likely try others. The color is very saturated so you don’t need much and it looks very natural when blended properly. I would recommend wearing a lip moisturizer or gloss to keep lips soft and provide a bit of sheen when using in the fall / winter.

By Sd on August 28, 2011

Incredible. 5

Amazing. I have three of these. My favourite colours are Illusive (the “burnt rose” colour) and Smile, which is a brighter corally pink. Smile is very creamy, while Illusive is dryer and less moisturising. The red (Rapture) is great as a lipstick but makes my very pale cheeks look a bit clown-like. All in all, these are my favourite items of colour makeup. Ever.

By Alicia on August 12, 2011

My favorite blush, period. 5

This is my favorite blush by far. I think that rosy cheeks are so pretty, and cream blush looks better than powdery. I especially like to layer a little bit of living luminizer on top. The color lasts really well. It also takes an impressively small amount of product to give me ultra-rosy cheeks – so this little tub will last a while! This is definitely something I would buy again.

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