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Reviews for Living Luminizer

By RMS Beauty

Average rating: 4.2 out of 5 hearts
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By Kr on July 1, 2012

moisturizing, natural highlighter 5

I usually have problems with products that add shine to my skin because they highlight the lines around my eyes and dry out my skin. This product is perfect for me. It gives a nice glow to my skin without highlighting all that is aging:-)

By Product on March 13, 2012

Great brand and quality but I cant see it... 3

This product sounded very promising and is indeed sleek and functions exactly as described. Only problem is, on my fair, lightly freckled skin its hardly noticeable. I’m not sure what skin tone would look best with this almost silvery glimmer. It does add sheen and deweyness but if you cant see the color, I’m not sure it’s wort it.

By Alicia on February 13, 2012

Nice and glowy, but for me not essential 4

I will start off by saying I think perhaps I don’t understand illuminators – I have three different ones and never really see a huge difference. Out of the three (two by Guerlain, and this one) I probably like this one the most, even though it does have a bit of a sticky texture. It gives this pretty healthy and glowy sheen to the skin. I usually only use it if layering it over another RMS product (lip2cheek) – I don’t know what would happen if I tried putting it on a powder. But the effect is really lovely (esp w/ lip2cheek, which I love). However, I don’t use any illuminator on a daily basis…

By Marianne on February 12, 2012

Perfect, subtle highlighter for pale, dry skin. 5

This is the best subtle highlighter I’ve found for my pale skin. It does not APPEAR as makeup at all, but reflects light beautifully. It is very moisturizing (almost sticky), but not so much so that it looks greasy. Really lovely multi-purpose product, exactly what I hoped it would be — a highlighter that doesn’t highlight the fact that you’re wearing makeup!

By Fe on January 26, 2012

Gives a beautiful, natural glow! 5

LOVE this luminizer….i have very fair, sensitive skin and a tiny bit of this applied at top of cheekbones gives a glow that appears totally natural (so you can forget about “youth” serums since this gives that effect!)

By Rachelc on January 10, 2012

Wow! 5

This stuff is amazing. Your skin glows but without looking like it’s coming from makeup. Also great for my dry skin, without being overly greasy. I think this is RMS Beauty’s top seller and I can understand why.

By Alyssa on December 25, 2011

Not great on all skin tones. 4

I know this is considered the holy grail when it comes to natural illuminators, but it was too white for my olive-toned skin and didn’t last. Even though I’m pale, it just didn’t look right on me. I have yellow undertones so would probably do better with something pink or goldish. Hoping they come out with another shade for different skintones, because it has a great texture and shine.

By Carrie on December 14, 2011

Beautiful glow in a tiny pot! 5

Beautiful glow in a tiny pot! This really makes my skin look more even, smooth, and provides a subtle glow. Not sticky, sparkly, or shiney, just a subtle healthy glow. I apply this to the bridge of my nose, my cheekbones, brow bones, and above my lip. Blends well. I dab a little on and blend. This will last a long time too. Will definitely buy again.

By Ivana on November 18, 2011

Gorgeous glowing invention 4

The product gives a very light coverage with an extraordinary glow. I would strongly recommend it for sensitive skin and eyes since has no scent.

By Ann on October 5, 2011

Makes you look like you're glowing from within! 5

Incredible! I love that this product melts into my skin and it looks like I’m wearing no makeup at all…..I simply look fresher, younger, healthier and radiant. Could not possibly be better. I dab some over my cheekbones, cupid’s bow and on the inner corners of my eyes for a natural glow.

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