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Reviews for Raw Coconut Cream

By RMS Beauty

Average rating: 4.3 out of 5 hearts
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By Robyn on March 29, 2012

Great Moisturizer 4

I do not like this as a face wash as it left my face feeling really greasy, even though I only used a little bit. I do however love it as a moisturizer. I am pregnant and have been rubbing it on my belly and it leaves my skin so soft and smelling good. I also apply it after shaving and it leaves my skin ultra smooth.

By A.Chang on March 15, 2012

Multiple uses and smells yummy! 5

This is a great product. I’ve used it to remove makeup;as a face oil; after moisturizing to lock it all in; eye makeup removal and even on the scalp and hair before a shower. Yes it solidifies when its cold and melts when its hot but that’s what coconut oil does. I’ve traveled with it and never had it leak out of the jar if it liquifies. Smells amazing and has multiple uses. Not sure if I would buy it again only because yes you can definitely find a good quality coconut oil in an organic health food store and it won’t cost you as much for such a small jar.

By Jen on February 9, 2012

Delicious pre-cleanser 5

This is a great pre-cleanser. Helps get off makeup and moisturize, I love using it before the dr alkaitis cleanser. My skin is sooooo soft! As someone who eats and makes recipes with raw coconut oil, I can tell this is a very high quality product- I even tasted it to be sure!

By Maryann on February 8, 2012

Simply Wonderful 5

What people need to understand is that there are no list of ingredients! This is the real deal people! Raw untouched coconut oil and it is fabulous! So versatile from eye makeup remover to heel soother. I even use a tiny bit on my fingers to smooth fly aways in my hair. Oh and it never stains my clothing.

By Rms on January 31, 2012

More user friendly? 3

Truly beautiful packaging and truly the best single oil for skin care to be sure, but it is a little difficult to work with at first. At temperatures below 80 degrees, it is solid and has to be melted in the palms of the hands before spreading on the body/face. At temperatures above 80 degrees it becomes liquid which spills easily from a jar. I would think a product that has been engineered by this brilliant beauty creator would have some unique features or organic ingredients that would make this skin care wonder a tad more user friendly than what is already available in a quality health food store.

By Emilie on January 6, 2012

Good product, eye make up remover! 5

Good product.
I love this product as an eye make up remover, it is really gentle and I think this is the best eye make up remover I have tried yet. I don’t look have mascara or eye liner under my eyes when I wake up in the morning ( it was happening a lot with the last removers I have use and it’s not like I was using a lot). Also feel like it moisturize my lid a little.
I also use this product as a rich moisturizer for dry spot and lip balm.
You don’t have to use a lot so this product so it will last really long.

By Eco on December 27, 2011

Very Versatile 4

A little goes a long way! I use it as a first stage cleanser (rub it in and wipe it off with cotton pad before using my final cleanser) and it works great to remove city smog and make-up. Also use it as an eye make-up remover, for hair flyaways, and as a hand moisturizer. Not as heavy as you would suspect. Watch out – turns to liquid in hot summer months if your bathroom is warm.

By Aswissgirl on November 27, 2011

Did not "wow" me 3

This product did not “wow” me. I love the idea of it. IN the summer I had to keep it in the fridge where I would forget about it. Now I have it in my bathroom and do use it as a makeup remover but then I just use a cleanser on top, s it seems just an extra step. I sometimes use it on my lips or elbows and it works just fine but I am not sure I would buy again unless I found something great to use it for. The price is good though. I amy try and do a deep conditioing on my ahir and see if that wow’s me.

By Alexandra on November 20, 2011

Great makeup remover 5

I read the reviews and bought this product to try as a make-up remover. Love it!! It smells fantastic, does a wonderful job of taking off any eye makeup, doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin, and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. Great buy all around.

By Danielle on October 28, 2011

Beautiful Scent 4

I use this as a make-up remover before cleansing. I LOVE the beautiful scent of coconut. I was worried about breaking out but have not noticed any break-outs since using this product. I’m only giving it 4 stars because although it is really good at taking my make-up off, I still see a slight trace of make-up on my cotton pad, that’s why I cleanse afterwards as well.

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