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Reviews for "Un" Cover-Up

By RMS Beauty

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By Alicia on February 13, 2012

Melts into skin for perfect blending & concealing, lasts 5

While there are multiple products in the RMS line that I’m not totally enamored with, the “un” cover-up and the lip2cheek are really fantastic. I have this as a concealer, and the famous (and famously expensive – and non-organic) Cle de Peau. One is twice as expensive as the other, and they work almost equivalently. This product really melts into the skin, doesn’t crease (it helps to set it with powder, but this is true of all concealers) and really lasts. I have it in 11 and I have very pale skin, and find the shade is a good match. The Cle might be just a touch nicer, but for twice the price (and probably similar product amount) and not being organic, I would without reservations recommend this concealer. I used it solidly for about 6 months before trying the Cle, and barely made a dent.

By Marianne on February 12, 2012

11 is too dark for very light complexions 3

The description of this product suggests that the “colors adjust themselves to your skin tone”, and it is absolutely rubbish. Shade 11 is far too dark for my skin, and even after thorough blending turned even darker and more orange throughout the day. The product is moisturizing and does not build up in pores, but also doesn’t cover anything, making the name ironically appropriate. For someone with a light-medium yellow skin tone shade 11 would make a nice tinted moisturizer, but it is certainly NOT for anyone with VERY pale skin or for anyone actually looking to conceal something.

By Genny on January 21, 2012

Good ..but 4

I do like the RMS Un-Cover-up product as it gives a great glow to your complection. Yet as a concearler and foundation product dose not last long as originally thought. RMS is a light under eye cover and seems to need re-applied mid-day, especially when I am having a busy running around type day. RMS is a good line, but seems expensive for what you get. Wears off too quickly for my preference even when using a powder to set with.

By Jasmine on December 31, 2011

Love :) 5

I love this!!
I have the shade 22. I have light-medium super sensitive skin with a golden undertone and this product fits my skin perfectly, without breaking it out. The color literally adheres to the color of my skin. It makes my skin look so fresh and healthy and doesn’t even look like I’m wearing any makeup. . . even when I’m in direct sunlight. I usually use it to lighten my dark circles and reduce the appearance of blemishes. Keep in mind it’s light-medium coverage and gives more of a dewy finish.

I find this lasts pretty well throughout the day. Sometimes I get a little creasing underneath my eyes, but it’s nothing terrible and I just lightly brush it away. Sometimes I need to reapply throughout the day, but I live in the South and it gets hot & humid. Perhaps setting with powder would help it last longer and give you a matte finish.

So overall, I really love this product. It looks so natural, melts into your skin and gives your skin a lovely glow. I have sensitive skin and this has never irritated it. Creasing can happen but is easy to remedy. Would really recommend!!

By Alyssa on December 25, 2011

Okay 3

Unfortunately the ingredients in this product gave me a strange rash, and the texture was too heavy for my combination skin. Gave it to my sister who has drier skin, but she also didn’t like it. May be better for more mature or less acneic skin.

By Genny on December 12, 2011

Love RMS - great line! 5

Makes me Glow from the inside out! This is not your typical makeup / concealer, it is unique and takes practice to learn how it use it. It is healing, moizturizing, and has a light nutral coverage to it. It is not meant to be heavy or thick. The people who say it feels heavy are not using it correctly. If your face is a little moist from the shower the product blends in beatuifully. I am new to this line and love it. You get alot of product for your $. With this line its all about blending, using small amounts at a time and practice. If you are looking for full coverage look at Vapour or another line. The RMS is similar to Vapour cosmetics. RMS is more neutral.

By Rachel on September 18, 2011

Creamy, Light Concealer 4

This is my favorite concealer! It lasts a long time and it covers up my acne spots fairly well. It is very creamy and light. The only thing I dislike is that you have to blend very carefully into your existing makeup.

By Justine on September 11, 2011

Love it 5

I love this stuff. It blends really well and is buildable. It does not look makeup-y. I use it as a concealer and sometimes I smooth it all over my trouble “ruddy” areas. I use it under the Living Nature tinted moisturizer. I have fair to med skin and I use 22. I may buy 11 for winter. It may be expensive but it lasts forever.

By Sd on August 28, 2011

Lovely but I wish they'd make a lighter shade 5

I have this is 11, which is currently the lightest shade on offer. I love, love, love it. I don’t think should be a concealer so much as a very densely packed little foundation pot. I spread a little under my eyes and around my nose and chin, and spread it over my face from there with a foundation brush. It’s got an amazingly soft texture that literally mimics the texture of your skin instead of sitting on top of it. It’s fantastically moisturising. My biggest complaint is that the lightest colour (11) is actually quite dark and very yellow. I find that the product blends out really nicely, and in the summer it doesn’t feel too dark. But in the winter this pot is pretty useless to me, and I can’t get a lighter shade.

By Rachelc on August 11, 2011

Lovely coverage, very moisturizing 5

Love this concealer; it covers beautifully and is very moisturizing. I do have dry, eczema prone skin, so oil-free, more drying formulas don’t really work very well for me. I’m looking forward to trying other products from the line.

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