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Reviews for "Un" Cover-Up

By RMS Beauty

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By Rachel on September 18, 2011

Creamy, Light Concealer 4

This is my favorite concealer! It lasts a long time and it covers up my acne spots fairly well. It is very creamy and light. The only thing I dislike is that you have to blend very carefully into your existing makeup.

By Justine on September 11, 2011

Love it 5

I love this stuff. It blends really well and is buildable. It does not look makeup-y. I use it as a concealer and sometimes I smooth it all over my trouble “ruddy” areas. I use it under the Living Nature tinted moisturizer. I have fair to med skin and I use 22. I may buy 11 for winter. It may be expensive but it lasts forever.

By Sd on August 28, 2011

Lovely but I wish they'd make a lighter shade 5

I have this is 11, which is currently the lightest shade on offer. I love, love, love it. I don’t think should be a concealer so much as a very densely packed little foundation pot. I spread a little under my eyes and around my nose and chin, and spread it over my face from there with a foundation brush. It’s got an amazingly soft texture that literally mimics the texture of your skin instead of sitting on top of it. It’s fantastically moisturising. My biggest complaint is that the lightest colour (11) is actually quite dark and very yellow. I find that the product blends out really nicely, and in the summer it doesn’t feel too dark. But in the winter this pot is pretty useless to me, and I can’t get a lighter shade.

By Rachelc on August 11, 2011

Lovely coverage, very moisturizing 5

Love this concealer; it covers beautifully and is very moisturizing. I do have dry, eczema prone skin, so oil-free, more drying formulas don’t really work very well for me. I’m looking forward to trying other products from the line.

By Susan, on July 28, 2011

Best ever concealer 5

Like many reviewers before, I have tried just about every concealer on the market including many natural brands and this is the creamiest, easiest cover up I have every used. I bought #22 and I have an olive complexion. Probably need one darker for the summer and I am ordering the #11 for under the eyes.

By M. on July 16, 2011

Flawless Skin 5

Love this. Never really used a concealer before but I love the natural effect on my skin. Really does just melt into your skin while covering imperfections Makes my skin look flawless. Great for under eyes. I use this over my mineral sunscreen. Really happy with all RMS products.

By Alison on July 12, 2011

my holy grail 5

This is my holy grail of under eye concealer. I have fair to fair/medium skin and the 11 blends in perfectly. I have used countless other concealers, then just gave up on them because they all made the skin under my eyes look older and more tired. (I’m almost 30 and suffer from allergies) Then I found “un” cover-up and I will never need to keep searching. I agree with some of the reviewers below, it does get greasy if you put it on other parts of your face, I would use a different concealer for that. However, it is perfect for the under-eye area. It gives enough moisture, covers the dark circles, brightens the area, and I love that it doesn’t sit in your fine lines and it stays on the whole day. It is kind of expensive but it lasts a really long time, you just lightly press your finger in the pot, and what is deposited on your finger is enough to cover.

By Ks on June 1, 2011

not the best for skin with challenges 3

i have some hyperpigmentation and acne scars and while this product doesn’t feel like it sinks into my lines, it doesn’t offer me the coverage i need. i’ll use it under my eyes, but not as a general face concealer. you also have to put a powder over top to help with the staying power, in my opinion. it does have a greasiness and heaviness.

i am very frustrated in my search for non-chemical makeup. i will also use tarte eyeliners like mini because anything else i’ve tried smudges even if powdered.

like i was commenting above, you do overly feel the product on your skin like mini said. it can feel heavy, but perhaps that’s an application error because of my wanting to cover my skin issues. personally i prefer the living nature foundation and its a more traditional feeling coverage. i realize that rms is trying to offer a new way to cover your skin, it just doesn’t work for me unfortunately.

By Stephanie on May 28, 2011

Love this concealer 5

My favorite concealer – the only one I’ve used that doesn’t crease and cake and look like crap at the end of the day. I wish they made one with a slightly more pink/salmon coloring too it, since that covers up the purple-ish circles a lot better.

By Marlene on May 13, 2011

I love RMS Beauty 4

I would hardly call a product with pure organic ingredients sticky and greasy. Synthetic, petroleum laden products are sticky and greasy. I find the RMS Beauty products unbelievably amazing and have most of them. Thank you for clean products.

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