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Reviews for Inner Circle

By Saffron Rouge

Average rating: 4.8 out of 5 hearts
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By Kathryn on July 26, 2014

My favorite BY FAR! 5

I’ve received four Inner Circle boxes so far and I’m IN LOVE with them! They’ve been a nice balance of makeup and skincare and the value always exceeds the amount I pay for the subscription. Within the last year I’ve been switching over all my makeup and skincare items to natural/organic alternatives and this box has helped to introduce brands and products that are not only healthy but effective as well. In most cases I’ve been able to find natural options that I like BETTER than the mainstream products I’d been using. Do not pass this box up!!

By Ra on July 22, 2014

The excitment of opening box is not there.... 2

I have subscribed Inner Circle since May and just got my July box which is the third box so far. To be honest, 3 lip glosses in a row is kind of disappointing. Not that I don’t like lip gloss, I was hoping for more varieties. Also, I checked lots online review before subscribing Inner Circle but since I subscribed, I just don’t feel the value. The items I really want to try are all in SUPER SMALL sample size or in foil pack. Considering the price of $24.99, I certainly expect more. For the money I’ve spent so far, $75, I can for sure get some decent products with handful samples if I buy at the Sephora or Shoppers. I am going to give Inner Circle another 1 or 2 month try. If I still not feel the value, I will cancel it.

By France on July 18, 2014

Highly recommended! 5

I have been receiving the box for two months now, and I have to say that it’s the best beauty subscription service I’ve subscribed to thus far. And I’ve tried A LOT of them. The value is exceptional (full-size products included are worth WAY more than the price of the subscription) and the products are interesting and worth giving a try. I’m really happy with it and highly recommend it.

By Ashley on June 30, 2014


REALLY happy with this subscription box! All natural beauty products… Yes, please!!! Love everything I have received! :)

By Ani on June 26, 2014

I dunno about this box... 2

I was a little disappointed that I was sent two lotions (one is really greasy). The Barbie-sized blush is really glittery! Yuck. The lip gloss is nice, but I’m not really a lip gloss person. Might not be the box for me.

By Sarah on June 18, 2014

Great all natural box! 5

I love the fact that everything in the box is something natural. I have had other box subscriptions that were not natural products, and there were always things I had to pass on to someone else because of the ingredients. I will still share stuff from the Inner Circle box, but because I want to, not because I have to because of the ingredients. :)

By Elizabeth on June 7, 2014

Never Disappoints! 5

I received my May Inner Circle package and was not disappointed. I have received the Inner Circle monthly boxes for a few months now and know that inside I will find something new and incredible. Best of all, these are quality products that are loaded with good ingredients.

By Tora on June 1, 2014

Worth it !!!!! 5

I received the May box and I was very happy with the value, products and the discount they offered for a future order. Beautiful colors that I might not normally have picked, but am so happy I now have them! The samples are generous to try more than just a few times, plus there were two full sized products. Looking forward to the June box.

By Erika on May 20, 2014

Worthwhile, great value 5

This is the first month that I received the Inner Circle package and I cannot be more impressed with it. The variety of items in the package is great, kudos to the curator! It’s great to be able to try a different number of items without committing to the full size versions.

By Rose on May 19, 2014

Not so good this time 2

Not impressed with mays box, colors did not work for my skin tone… Hope they bring more neutral colors next time and up to par with the other boxes they put out!!!