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Reviews for Modern Water Bottle

By Saffron Rouge

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By Kr on July 5, 2012

Well made, practical, nice looking, fair price 5

I bought the pink one. It is a tall and slim but sturdy glass bottle with a plastic cap that has a hole in it so you can attach it to something if you need to. Then the colour part of the bottle is a silicon covering to help protect it. The bottle is practical and sleek (my 3 year old has decided it is hers) and I think a fair price. Would buy more.

By Theresa on June 27, 2012

Best bottle! Get one! 5

I have found my new water bottle and am telling all my friends about it! I’ve tried the plastic bottles and the stainless steel ones, but they always tasted kind of funny to me – and then I heard that some of them even had the bad BPAs in them even though they were marketed as “safe”. I was concerned about a glass bottle at first, thinking it would be quite delicate. But it is really strong and durable, and can take a beating in my backpack. This is one classy bottle. I don’t workout or go to work with out it!