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Reviews for Double Effect Mascara - All Nighter 01

By Studio 78 Paris

Average rating: 2.2 out of 5 hearts
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By Meagan on June 30, 2014

Expected More 2

I had expected more from this product. It smudged so easily! It didn’t apply evenly, and it didn’t last long either.

By Michelle on December 14, 2013

Unless you want to look like a panda, stay away! 1

I got this as a sample a while back and hoped it will change my less than stellar impressions of natural mascaras. Since I’m Asian, my lashes naturally point straight down and require a dry mascara formula to perk them up. Unfortunately this mascara was way too wet to hold curl and left my lashes looking limp. For now I’ll have to stick with chemical mascaras until I find a natural one that doesn’t flake, smudge, or impede curl.

By Glenda on October 21, 2013

Careful! 3

Love the wand and how it makes my eyelashes stand out nicely. Nice shade too. Just don’t cry or be out in the rain with this mascara as you will immediately look like a wreck.

Interestingly, this little bottle didn’t get thrown away. I wear the mascara on sunny days and it brightens up my mood. It’s a keeper with caveats.

By Katie on July 16, 2013

Very Flakey Mascara 1

This mascara will flake on you like CRAZY. The rest of the products in the line are great, but it almost turns into a powder when it gets on the lashes and flakes all over.

By Lola on April 13, 2013

Dissapointing. 2

Ok, maybe I am not fair reviewing this mascara. I have been a loyal customer of SR and using all natural skin care for years, but hesitating to try natural mascara. My choice fell on Studio 78. The ingredients are nice, the mascara has a pleasant smell of something sweet (caramel?). The smell is not overpowering, thought. Like with all natural mascaras, I did not expect “double effect”. Just very natural, but refined look. After I applied this mascara I was not cleaver enough to check on my eyes fairly soon. I had an important meeting very shortly after the application of All Nighter, two or three hours later I looked at myself in the mirror. No, it did not smudge, but I had hundreds of tiny flakes (like powder) under my eyes. Very upsetting first experience with all natural mascara. For now, I am going to abstain from using any natural or conventional mascaras and try to define my eyes with an eyeliner.

By Paulina on March 20, 2013

Good brush, healthy formula 4

I really like the brush on this one. Gives a great controlled definition so my eyes really pop, but not in a fake way. I’m a bit of a mascara junky and have tried just about every wand and formula out there. For the past year or so, I only use natural mascaras – had such a bad reaction/infection from a previous brand, I’ll never go back. I usually find natural mascara’s don’t last as long as chemical ones, but this one actually has pretty good staying power. No flakes or rings after a good four-five hours or so. Just do a little check up after that to see if you need to dab off anything around the bottoms of your eyes.

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