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Reviews for Complete Care for Clear Skin

By Suki

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By Troy on February 19, 2012

Great way to check out Suki 4

I only suffer the occasional blemish, but this complete skin care system seemed to control my oily shine nicely. I like how the cleaning bar didn’t feel drying and soapy. The clay and toner were perfect for my skin. Haven’t used a lot of the exfoliator yet, but the balancing day lotion is divine. All in all, a great way to check out the Suki system and see if it’s for you.

By Jenna on February 19, 2011

Very disappointing, but nice way to try out products 3

This is a nice way to try out Suki products – this was my first time. I had high hopes for this since jumping on the organic bandwagon, but I am so disappointed.

The soap doesn’t wash off cleanly. Instead, there’s a slippery soapy feeling left behind. The toner runs out way faster than all the other products. The Transformative Cleansing Clay hasn’t transformed my acneic skin at all.

I don’t understand why the Balancing Day Lotion was included when the instructions say that it is for when the skin is clear. It does get absorbed fairly quickly and my skin feels soft after applying it.

I do like the Pure Facial Moisture oil. It has a nice smell and it doesn’t feel oily and get all over everything you touch.

By Jb on February 15, 2011

A great starter kit that convinced me to buy more! 5

I bought this to give Suki products a try. I have tried a lot of natural/organic products and hadn’t really found anything that worked for me. The bottles are VERY small, but they last surprisingly long.
Within a couple days my skin was brighter and I had that glow I thought was lost forever. I ended up buying all of the products (not the bar) and since then, have bought several different Suki products to add to my regime. Suki is now my go-to product line. I have had great results with each and every item! Love Suki!