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Reviews for Complete Care for Youthful Skin

By Suki

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By T.G. on February 14, 2012

Noticeable improvement 5

I love these kinds of sample kits so I can try a range of products before committing to a full-size bottle (and price tag!). This is a really complete set – cleanser, toner, exfoliater, moisturizer and a few intensive treatments too. They all work together in a harmonious manner, each one building upon the other to enhance my complexion. There is a noticeable improvement with just a month of use. After trying all these items, I’m sold on Suki.

By Mb on December 18, 2011

Money well spent 4

I purchased this set to get acquainted with the Suki line and it was money well spent. I used the cleanser, cream and toner for at least a month and the mask lasted me about 2 months. I do wish there was more eye cream but all in all, I was more than pleased with this kit and I now use Suki products on a regular basis because of it.

By Robin on November 25, 2011

Didn't work for me 3

I bought this travel kit along with a couple others to find a natural replacement for my current skin care products but this set did not work for me. When I first used the product my skin became red and I broke out. After a few days my skin seemed to adjust and the redness and the acne cleared up but my skin looked very dull, except on the days when I used the mask. My skin is sensitive and is easily irritated and it also gets occasional blemishes so the products might work better for others. The products all had a nice smell and feel except for the cleanser, which did not seem to cleans and left my face feeling sticky. The products last for about 2 weeks.