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Reviews for Correct Coverage Concealer

By Suki

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By Maya on April 8, 2014

the best concealer, seriously! 5

How many concealers have I tried? TOO MANY. The natural, the chemical, the drugstore brands, the high ends and though in the high end I found some that kind of work well, I didn’t like that I would be supporting these unethical-unnatural brands (and at such a high cost!) I heard of Suki concealer via BeautybyBritanie and I immediately ordered it… This is AMAZING. Better than RMS concealer, better than Vapour Organic Concealer, better than W3LL People concealer…
It covers dark circles AND brightens the area amazingly (I look AWAKE!) and it covers blemishes and redness too! just perfect. I love it. I will say you should set it with a powder (I simply press on it with a kabuki brush… no product on it, just press on it to dry it up a little bit, since it CAN crease on your undereye area. but don’t let that stop you!!)

By Mocka on March 16, 2014

Favourite concealer 5

I really love this concealer. On my third one, mad I have never done that before. I always change products to cover my heavy under eye circles. This product provides a decent coverage while moisturizing as well. Other concealers I have found to be way to harsh, but this one is just right. I also adore the packaging. Very cute.

By Lms on December 31, 2013

A really nice concealer 4

I have been really happy with this product and have used it on its own and in conjunction with the tinted active moisturizer. It works great on dark circles and redness. I find it blends quite nicely.

By Liz on September 30, 2013

Can't Recommend 2

I’ve been using Suki products for years and love them, but I cannot recommend this concealer. It smells nice, blends well, and looks very natural, but after a couple of hours the concealer is creasing and causing my eye liner and mascara to smudge. I tried this product during hot, humid months and cool, dry months and had the same creasing issues. I won’t be buying this again unless Suki reformulates this product.

By Vanessa on September 16, 2013

Best I've tried! 5

I was content with my Dr Hauschka concealer pen and coverstick until I tried this concealer! I ordered it on a whim and I’m so glad I did! It’s very light, blends perfectly, lasts all day, and has a lovely smooth texture. I also like the little clamshell packaging with the mirror. Will definitely buy again!

By Melanie on September 5, 2013

Acts like concealer but doesn't feel like concealer 5

Love this concealer! Stays put, looks natural. Layers well. Easy to blend. Evens out my dark areas yet doesn’t feel heavy like some do. I have light skin and dark brown hair. Purchased the buttercream color and it matches perfectly.

By Hannah on August 2, 2013

Best Concealer! 5

I really really like this concealer!!!
It is lightweight, creamy and most importantly blends really well. I use it to cover darker areas under my eyes and also to cover any blemishes. I use the honey color and also the medium shade of Suki tinted moisturizer.

By Chris on July 30, 2013

Very sheer, but easy to blend and looks more natural. 3

I like that it’s not too thick because it’s easier to blend and looks more natural. In terms of coverage it’s very sheer, so that depends on your needs. I also find that I use it more often because I know it’s organic. So it may be more expensive than my drugstore concealers, but it’s worth it.

By K on June 8, 2013

Thank you Suki. 5

I purchased this in the ‘honey’ colour. I find it blends better than the RMS (and cheaper too). Doesn’t cake and lasts all day. I am really enjoying the Suki line.

By Samantha on April 16, 2013

Best concealer! 5

I got this as a sample and I love it more than the RMS uncoverup concealer that I just bought. I will definitely buy this one next time. I have light olive skin and the honey color is perfect… doesn’t look too light like some concealers do. It blends really well into your skin, whereas the rms uncoverup sits on your skin and you can tell you have concealer on. I can’t wait to buy a full size of this :D

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