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Reviews for Creamy Foaming Cleanser

By Suki

Average rating: 4.3 out of 5 hearts
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By Amber on March 11, 2012

Nice gentle cleanser 5

Works really well without making your skin dry or oily. Leaves a clean feel and has a mild scent. Noticed a difference after the first use. Would definetly recommend.

By Mb on December 18, 2011

Too drying 4

I tried this one as a sample but it was a little too drying for me. It left my face feeling tight.

By Naomi on September 16, 2011

Too drying for my skin! 3

I adore many other Suki products, but this cleanser was too strong and drying for my skin. This is surprising due to my oily/acne prone skin, but the cleanser felt very much like cleansing my face with ordinary soap. It also did not remove my face makeup well. I would love a rinse able cleansing oil from the Suki line!

By Alyssa on August 16, 2011

Just as Effective as Conventional Cleansers 4

This is the first natural cleanser I’ve tried in my endeavor to find the perfect safe, as well as effective, skin care routine. In my early teen years, I had jumped on the bandwagon of Proactiv and other popular chemically-laden cleansers and skin care products. As a result, I was, of course, skeptical of how well an all-natural cleanser would fare in comparison. You can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was to discover that this Creamy Foaming Cleanser works just as well, if not better, than any of the other conventional products out there! It’s extremely gentle, foams nicely, and washes away all makeup and dirt that accumulates throughout the day WITHOUT stripping my face of necessary moisture. This was my biggest problem with conventional cleansers – they were too harsh in that they stripped my face of all oil and moisture so that my face would produce an excess of oil to compensate. Thankfully, that’s not an issue with this cleanser!

By Kate on June 5, 2011

good but beware for sensitive skin 3

this works pretty well – leaves face clean but not dried out. but i’ve been finding the more i use it, the more it burns and irritates my skin. i think it is the AHA in it.

By Tina on February 17, 2011

Worth trying 4

This is a very nice cleanser at a good price.

By Laura on February 16, 2011

Fabulous Foaming Cleanser 5

This cleanser is wonderful. It smells creamy and lemony, it foams up nicely and leaves your skin hydrated, clean and fresh. A fantastic cleanser, especially for normal to dry skin types.

By Carol on February 15, 2011

convenient daily cleanser 5

So glad Suki created a liquid version of her cleansing bar, for those of us who don’t like to use bar soap. This is a great, convenient, daily cleanser — doesn’t strip the skin, but you know that it’s really cleansing. Smells lovely & rinses clean w/no residue or dryness. An absolute must-have in my morning routine!

By Sue on February 15, 2011

Powerful cleansing without 'greasy' or 'drying' feel 5

My best, BEST product of all. I used its little sample, and got on SaffronRouge to order it right away. Unlike many other products advertised as ‘moisturizing’ or ‘creamy’ which leave some ‘greasy’ feel on your skin (supposed to be moisturizing my skin but I never like the feel), this never does. But it is NOT squicky clean bordering on dry either.

1. It leaves ‘clean’ feel, and NOT drying after. Never never ‘oh-so-moisturizing-greasy’ feel (I hate this, personally) it just feels ‘clean-refreshed’.

2. Most importantly….it actually does cleanse Very well. I wear light make-up (tinted moisturizer plus mascara plus blush) and I just use this one at night and it’s been sufficient. My pores stay clean.

3. It smells great, organic-apple smell. I never count smell as a strength factor when it comes to products (smelling great usually isn’t correlated with working great…) but yeah, this one is great.

Well, all these could be just my personal preference, but this product really got me. I highly, highly recommend =).