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Reviews for Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser

By Suki

Average rating: 4.5 out of 5 hearts
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By Lindsay on February 11, 2014

Effective Product! 5

Suki has done it again with this wonderful exfoliating cleanser. It isn’t too harsh. Made my skin look bright and feel super soft. Gentle enough to be used every day if desired. Did not irritate my sensitive skin. Smells fantastic!

By Angel on January 14, 2014

Delightfully refreshing, superb cleansing! 5

OMG, this is my most favorite skin cleanser ever!!! I have tried so many others that just can’t compare to this one! There is the obvious, the fragrance is so delicious and refreshing, but aside from that, my over 50 combination skin always feels thoroughly cleansed without feeling dry. I can’t say enough about how thrilled I am to have finally found such a fabulous product. I love all SUKI products, but this is definitely my favorite!!

By Lms on January 6, 2014

Works well for all types of sensitive skin 5

A great exfoliant cleanser for all types of sensitive skin. It is not too harsh and can be used as often as needed. Some of the women in my family use it almost everyday, while others use it every few weeks. I tend to use it more in the winter and in the summer when the harsh weather conditions affect my skin more. It truly is the only exfoliating cleanser I have been able to use on a regular basis.

By Kathiann on December 28, 2013

Wonderful! 5

I really like this cleanser. It does what it says – it exfoliates, foams, and cleanses. A lot of natural products take a bit of getting used to if you’re a convert from conventional products, mainly because they don’t foam so you don’t feel like they are actually doing anything. But this does foam. And because it exfoliates, it is better at removing makeup than some of the other natural cleansers that don’t (since they don’t foam either). I can’t use it every day because the exfoliating is too much for my skin, but I love to use it a few times a week. My skin feels so good afterward, and it smells so good too.

By Wendy on December 17, 2013

Effective and smells wonderful 4

I love this product. It’s smells wonderful and is a fantastic exfoliant/cleanser. I use it every morning and it leaves my face feeling clean without feeling dry. Yes, it’s a bit pricey, but as others have mentioned, you only need to use a little bit each time so a jar lasts a while.

By Vanessa on December 8, 2013

Amazing product 5

I’ve spent more money than I would ever admit out loud trying different products for my combination/blemish and eczema prone skin. This cleanser exfoliates all traces of dry skin on my face, but never dries out my skin. Not to mention the smell is very uplifting and lovely. I still get monthly break-outs, but since I have been using the Suki line, the severity and duration has been cut back an incredible amount. I don’t see myself splurging on a new skincare line any time soon!

By Stefanie on October 24, 2013

The best exfoliant cleanser!!! 5

I got a sample of this and I love it. I can’t wait to buy the full size jar. I feel it scrubs just perfectly – doesn’t feel too harsh, but not so gentle that it doesn’t feel like its working. I love how it is a cleanser as well, as this is the type of product I like to use when I shower in the morning. It has a wonderful foamy, creamy texture. My skin feels so soft and smooth. And it smells terrific. I think the only downside is I am not a big fan of having to scoop out of a jar. I would prefer to be able to squeeze it out into my hands. But still a must have in my book.

By Erin on October 19, 2013

Nice product, but not for dry/sensitive skin 4

I think that this product would work well for most people, and the smell is heavenly. I have dry/sensitive/mature skin and found that it irritated my skin and left it dry and tight feeling (even after applying moisturizer).

By Ken on September 27, 2013

Great product 5

I really like this cleanser. It really removes the dead skin. Smells amazing, and not drying. You get quite a bit in the jar. I feel like using this every day in the morning!

By Kim on July 30, 2013

Suki's best product! 5

This cleanser is without a doubt my favourite Suki product! It starts off as a crystalline scrub, but gradually transforms into a beautiful creamy foam the more you emulsify it. I really like that I can control how much of a scrub I want – If I feel like my skin needs a good exfoliation session I can apply it as is to my face and let it do the work. If I feel like I need a more gentle cleanse I can emulsify it between my hands to my desired consistency before applying it to my face. Plus, it smells wonderfully of citrus, which is very uplifting in the morning. This is definitely something I will be purchasing a full-size bottle of.